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5 Things B2Bs Can Learn from B2C Video Marketing!

Things have changed drastically for B2B brands lately! What used to be a conservative and traditional sector is now catching up to modern, digital trends. Business to business doesn't mean what it used to and if they're smart they'll look to B2C's advanced and sophisticated marketing strategies. Here are 5 ways B2B can level the playing field with B2C Video Marketing!

1. Build a strong online presence and a better experience

B2B's are selling to businesses, yes, but they're also selling to humans at the end of the day! B2Cs have strong marketing strategies in place because they're constantly trying to explain their brand and product for consumers to understand. They also usually have bigger marketing budgets than B2Bs as a result. As B2Cs go for a more unified brand image, they're more exposed and present online than B2Bs, offering a more enjoyable user experience. So, why shouldn't B2Bs do the same? 

  • Create a successful and well thought out online presence! Let your customers engage with your material through video instead of text-heavy materials and information. Design better web pages with video embedded or creative email with GIFs or email that aren't too dry and business-y (remember your customers are human after all!).
  • Well maintained social media accounts help to establish your brand and bridge that accessibility gap with your customers. Someone should maintain the content to make sure you have a two-way conversation going! 


2. Know your customer and target them better!

Customer spend amount is usually higher for B2Bs and that's part of the reason they're more reluctant to take risks in their marketing. This is even more reason for B2Bs to copy B2Cs and use more sophisticated targeting for better ROI!

Looking for relevant audiences is crucial to make smart video advertising and content marketing decisions. With better targeting, B2Bs can focus more on their relevant personas and customers, adding more value to them and lead them through the buyer's journey more fluently. It's a win-win! 

💡Ads for B2Bs are different animals because the customer journey is a bit longer and the audience usually needs more convincing since they're mostly pretty knowledgeable themselves about the product or service they're on the market for.



3. Make your brand and content more attractive in general

Website or general product offers are usually communicated in a copy-heavy way. We love copy, but B2Bs could stand to use more video in their lives! It's a good idea to start with your brand’s purpose, key features, and any other useful information that your consumer needs to know and then videofy it! Websites are perfect places to turn FAQ's and About pages into a visually pleasing experience.


4. Complexity is your friend

Maybe you have a complex software as your B2B product and you're wondering how it's possible to engage your audience with content they'll like? When indoubt, add value and teach your audience something in the form Q&A's, how-tos or explainer video! You can never go wrong with a great explainer or a useful chalk talk! Moz does a great job of uploading weekly educational video called Whiteboard Friday's.



5. Just because your B2B doesn't mean you can't take risks!

Be funny, be creative, be silly, be bold. Be exactly what your B2C counterparts get to be every day - entertaining!  No, humor won't always work for your business goals, but don't be afraid to use it when you feel the time is right and when you want to steer clear of the stuffy B2B content traps.



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