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5 Ways to Use Video for Strong and Purposeful Employer Branding!

As a company it makes sense to take a step back and ask yourself a question. Be honest with yourself. Is your company attractive? From the outside looking in, how appealing is your talent, your mission, your values, your company? Video marketing works great for employer branding for the simple fact that employer branding is all about storytelling! If you want to up your strategy in attracting and retaining, here are five ways to do that with video!

1. Show, don't tell! 

Once you've worked out your mission and values and the message you want to communicate internally and externally, try to stick to this mantra: show, don't tell! Claiming things like "our people are our greatest asset" and "we have amazing benefits and perks." is a fast way to get your prospective applicants to tune out. 

It's easy to make large claims but if you can actually prove it and show it on video, you'll be steps ahead of your competition. Take this Zendesk video example. It covers everything from the office, the people, to Friday rituals after work. It encapsulates everything the company stands for in a little over three minutes, and with humor too. 


2. Videofy your career page

A job page is an ideal place for your employer branding video to live! Most job pages feature a stories tab which introduces you to the people behind the brand. Instead of a typical text and photo layout, try and record video with the featured employee and have them answer basic questions like, "what do you do", "what's your work environment like?" The key thing to remember is that these videos can be made on the fly, and you don't have to go over the top with production.

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3. Your employer branding video should live on social

79% of job seekers are using social media in their job search today. I mean, who doesn't stalk a company's social channels to get a feel for the atmosphere? Looking to companies who do employer branding like pros is a great learning experience, so let's look at Google. They've created a separate Instagram page dedicated to @Lifeatgoogle. Cool, right! Their page is dedicated to highlighting talent and offices around the world. 


4. Employees are the most trustworthy asset you have

Applicants are more likely to trust someone who's already working in the organization than a job ad they read online. Your talent is truly your best asset, so let them take the lead and describe what it is they love about their job, why they applied, and a whole list of other cool topics. Look at this H&M video. It's well produced, yes, but it's the authenticity of the employees that keeps you watching until the end.


5. Maintain internal communication with video

We often find that using video to strengthen or create employer branding often starts from the inside out! Sure, it's easy to get caught up with all the video possibilities for external employer branding, but don't forget to maintain your mission and values with the people you already employ. This could mean encouraging your team to create video content and reward the best creators. By encouraging video iniatives like video quarterly updates, video newsletters, newbie introductions, and more, you can streamline communication and add touches of fun and flair, while driving home your brand identity. 



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