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8 Ideas to Upcycle Your Video Content!

We all know the time, money, and resources it takes to make a video for your business! Don't let it go to waste - make sure your visual content goes as far as it can with smart distribution. Here are eight tips to making the most of your videos even after you've already shared them with the world. 

1. Clip your clips! And gifs are your friend.

This one is pretty obvious, but trimming your clips and getting creative is the easiest way to repurpose your video! Maybe the original video was too long and people didn't engage with it all the way through. Consider clipping your content and see how that performs the second time around. Was there an especially memorable moment from the clip? Turn it into a fun GIF which you can use in email marketing and social!


2. Redistribute on social 🤝

Sometimes one share isn't nearly enough! Maybe your video content only lived on Facebook. Now's the time to evaluate your social channels and re-share your videos on channels you might not have considered before like LinkedIn, YouTube, or Instagram. Take a lookt at how the video performed before and adjust the copy with a different angle if you think that'll help engagement and reach.

3. Update your CTA, thumbnails, and logos 🚨

Don't forget about the details! What's the call-to-action at the end of your video? Maybe it's since changed and it's time to reflect that. Same goes for your thumbnail. On YouTube, it's crucial to have a well laid-out thumbnail that entices users to click on. Did you go through a rebranding? Update your logos in older videos to keep your branding cohesive and nice.


4. Use behind the scenes content & outtakes 🎬

Your audience sees the polished content that made the final cut, but what about those off-the-cuff moments? Those candid and silly moments make for great behind the scenes content simply because it humanizes your company and the people behind it, priming your audience for more of your brand videos later down the line.


5. Break down educational content ✂️

If you've attended events or held educatinal webinars, there's a wealth of video content waiting for you to repurpose! If you can look at engagement statistics to see what portions worked well, cut up the footage to showcase those moments, or consider cutting the video into smaller videos an chapters.


6. Use your past videos at events 📺

Will you have a booth at an event or conference in the coming months or year? Here's an idea you might not have thought of! With a decent sized screen, you can showcase your older video content in the background while adding that attractive digital flare to your event presence. 

7. Update your product videos! 🆕

Times change and so do your products! Is your explainer video outdated? Do you have a new line to show off? If your video was animated, take the time to add in new details and re-share it to keep your customers and prospective ones up to date! Is it a live video? Re-record the voice over if necessary or add text on screen to reflect the latest.


8. Blog-ify your content 💻

Blogs are an amazing platform for your content! If you've read this far you understand. 😉 For repurposing your video, think of creating a blog around certain content to tell its story in a way you can't on social. By letting your videos live on your blog page, you'll give your audience dynamic content which also helps your company page rank higher in SEO. 💡 Don't forget to promote your blog with the video snipppet!


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