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8 Ways to Make the Most out of Your Customer Experience with Video!

Be honest, have you taken a step back to consider what customers experience when they interact with your company from start to finish? Is it a stellar experience or could it be better? For any B2B or B2C company, the full customer experience is really just the sum of all the touchpoints and interactions they have with your company - from purchase, support, to advocacy! Here are eight ways you can use video to make the most out of your customer's experience.

1. Video gratitude goes a long way!

The moment someone converts into a customer shouldn't be ignored, but celebrated! Use video at this stage to extend a warm welcome or thank you from a customer success manager, account executive, or even the CEO. This is a low-effort and personal way to ensure the customer experience gets off to a great start!



2. Train and onboard your customers the video way

Do you need to onboard or train your customers to get familiar with your way of working, your service, or software? Providing video for training is a great way to personalize and streamline communication at this important step. Later, your team can use these pieces of training (with small changes if needed) to save time and help your customer feel valued and supported from the get-go.

3. Product guides and how-to explainers should be visual

You're already a step ahead of the rest if you have product guide videos and how-to explainers at your disposal! No one wants to go through a clunky product guide. Help them retain and understand information visually! How-to explainer videos will show your clients the ropes and they'll better understand the product or the service they've signed up for. 


4. New products and features can be introduced via video

It's exciting when you have new products or fancy features added to your product arsenal! With product launch promotional video or USP video highlights, one of your reps can use these videos to reach out to explain how these new options are relevant for your customers. They'll appreciate the heads-up and thought you've put into remembering them and their purchase!

5. Education and support is more effective with video

This is where the bulk of customer experience comes into play! Some services require more education and support than others, and clients will feel if there's plenty of information or a lack of it. Whether it's embedding video on your support or FAQ page, or sending educational Soapbox videos via email, your knowledge and help will go a long way. Below is a great example of our Video Strategist sending educational monthly newsletters to add value to StoryMe clients.


6. Make smoother rep handovers and transitions

Employees come and go all the time, but your customers shouldn't feel lost or mixed up in the change. Maybe you have a project manager or sales rep who's changing, well this is a great opportunity to use video to introduce the new account responsible and make a proper handoff to ensure the client relationship stays a-okay.

7. Create a more helpful and real-time kind of customer service

Whether you selling a product or service, offering helpful real-time answers to your customers in the form of video is not only convenient but super necessary in this day and age! Try to video-fy your customer service touchpoints with video FAQ pages for example!

8. Videofy your case study pages

Last but not least, especially for marketers, is the customer advocacy part of the whole customer experience!   Video is a powerful way to convey a great relationship and is more fun to watch than to only read. Showcase a successful collaboration on your case study pages because it's been proven to drive credibility and trust!



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