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A Day in the Life of an AD & PM at StoryMe!

Video Production is the heart of StoryMe. Whether it's sitting with clients in a creative brief, conceptualizing a crazy creative idea, facilitating a plan, or cheering on your teammates, Art Directors and Project Managers at StoryMe are essential. Meet Ashley and Thomas!

So, what does an Art Director do at StoryMe? 🎬

An AD is the creative lead for the project. After sitting in on the creative brief, it's up to the AD to take what the client wants and conceptualize a simple and effective idea. They then make a storyboard and follow the creative process through with our crazy talented team of scriptwriters, illustators, animators, motion design, and sound. AD's are superstars because they can balance what the client wants as well as basic video marketing principles.

“I love being an AD because I get to work with creative people every day, while also being creative myself.”

And how about a Project Manager?

A PM is in the middle of all the creative action! They serve as the middle woman or man to coordinate all of the video productions in the works. From creative brief to delivery, they're there to make sure everything is on track and running smooth. Basically, they're the client's best friend and the team's cheerleader every single day. 

"I love that as a project manager you're the clients best friend, but also the team's best friend."

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