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A Day in the Life of a Project Manager at StoryMe


Meet Christine & Barbara, two of StoryMe's awesome Project Managers. Wondering what these girls do on a daily basis? To get a look behind the scenes, we asked Barbara to film her day through Instagram Stories and interviewed both about the perks and challenges of their job! And who knows, by the end of their story you might want to be join our team of Project Managers yourself! 

What does a Project Manager do at StoryMe? 🤷‍♀️

A PM is in the middle of all the creative action! They serve as the middle woman or man to coordinate all of the video productions in the works. They work to grant the client's wishes and make sure the creative team takes the client's feedback into account to ensure the best possible end result. From creative brief to delivery, they're there to make sure everything is on track and running smooth. Basically, they're the client's best friend and the team's cheerleader every single day. 

Curious to see what a day in the life of a PM looks like? Let Barbara show you! 🎥

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What do Barbara & Christine 💛 most about their job? 


“The best thing about my job is that every project is a new and different story. There are so many different types of companies to work with, and each client gets their own dedicated team of creatives too. So I'm always working with different people! A big part of my job is communication - getting to know the client and translating their wishes into advice for the creatives means I'm always working in a team, and that's what I love to do.”    

One of Barbara's favourite projects: House of HR 

  "This was actually a rush project! House of HR needed this video within 2 weeks, but our collaboration went extremely smooth and the team made it happen - with a super satisfied client as a result!"

“As a Project Manager, you're the first point of contact, so you receive the client's feedback. And there's nothing better than receiving an e-mail or call with really positive feedback, and then I'm the person who gets to share that with the team. My colleagues often see me jumping off my chair and hysterically going to high five all my team mates after all their hard work! Or wait, maybe there is something even better than this... I have to say that the atmosphere at StoryMe makes me even happier to come to work every day."   

One of Christine's favourite projects: J-Tec

  "J-Tec was one of those clients that is just super enjoyable to work with as a PM. The project ran really smoothly from creative brief all the way to the end result; we got the right feedback at the right times and the creative team was very enthusiastic about it too."

What's a Project Manager's biggest challenge? 👊

“Project Managers have to be absolute masters in keeping a clear overview of their different projects. Project Management means working towards a common goal and respecting timings: you need to make sure you get the client's input when your team needs it, and to make sure that the team has enough time to deliver a qualitative video. In the last stages of the project, this can be quite stressful, but after a while I started to turn this stress into excitement! And once I approve and deliver the end result, I can feel really proud." 


“The biggest challenge is finding a match between the team's concept and the client's idea. Sometimes, they just have a different vision of what a video could be and then it's my job to make sure they get perfectly aligned - that's why it's important to really be a part of the creative process too. As a Project Manager, it's your responsibility to match the team's side with the client's side. At that point, communication is everything!

 In short, Project Management is all about team work makes the dream work!

Interested in joining our team of Project Managers?

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