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A Day in the Life of Sales and Marketing at StoryMe!

Ever heard of the SMarketing concept? It's the idea that Sales and Marketing can do more when they're aligned and join forces! Here at StoryMe, we call our Sales and Marketing efforts 'Smarketing' because we merge the full force of sales and marketing teams.

This is a day in the life of a Video Business Developer and Content Marketer at StoryMe!

What does a Business Developer do at StoryMe? 👨🏻‍💼

A Business Developer at StoryMe - or as we call it, Video Marketeer - isn't a typical sales position! The VM's help clients communicate in a modern way with video! They do this by finding solutions to problems and determining where video can help different companies in different industries reach their business goals. 


"Business Development at StoryMe is refreshing because we have creative products to offer for a diverse set of businesses that need our expertise." - Nils Demanet, Business Developer

And how about a Content Creator at StoryMe? ✍🏼

The Marketing team is the driving force for generating leads, attending events, creating content, and going for world domination. Each marketing member contributes their expertise to the SMarketing machine! Whether it's tackling a new campaign, expanding into new markets, or maintaining our community on social, there's never a dull moment!


"As a content creator, I love that I get to be the external voice for this dynamic, crazy, and creative company!" - Monica Cisneros, Content Creator


Interested in joining our team of Business Developers? Check out the vacancy!

 Check out our job vacancy!



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