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A Day in the Life of Video Strategist at StoryMe!

Think of our Video Strategists as video evangelists! Our team is made up of video experts who work together to help our client's formulate a solid plan and kickass strategy with video. From giving keynotes and workshops, to analyzing and optimizing your video plan, our team works hard to make sure you win with video strategy!

What does a Video Strategist do at StoryMe? 

A Video Strategist mainly helps clients create a video plan according to their specific department to reach their various business goals. Every day, they find solutions to problems and determine where video can help different companies in different industries reach their business goals! 

This is a day in the life of a Video Strategist at StoryMe:


"I really feel that we have a big impact on the way companies communicate internally and externally. I work with an awesome client centric team of goal-getters that would do anything to help our clients.

- Yan Ketelers, Head of Video Strategy


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