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Activate your content!

If you’re like most companies out there, you’re probably sitting on a gold mind of content. Hey, you might’ve produced amazing content throughout the years without even realizing it! Whether it’s your FAQ’s, product and service manuals, your content deserves to see the light of day. Here are three ways to activate that sleeping content and make it findable for the whole world to see.

1. Use new channels to distribute your content

What good is your content if no one is finding it? Your content needs the right channel to meet your target audience. Possible channels your content lives on include your website, social media platforms (Facebook, Linkedin, etc;) YouTube, and more. For instance, maybe one problem is that your prospects aren’t finding your website. Or maybe they don’t have a Facebook account. Try and change things up a bit! Do a content audit and find out where your audience is so you can be where they are. Start by covering all of your bases and only then can your content be seen.

2. Change your format

The shape your content takes is another thing to consider! Do you have loads of technical and complex documents sitting around? Think about ways to synthesize that complex information and turn it into content people will want to consume, happily. How? Well, that large data sheet looks better as an infographic for instance. That technical document can be explained in a simple video. People are processing tons of information, so make life easier for them by making your content easy to consume and share. Bon appétit!

3. Don’t reinvent the wheel, just aim at a different target!

Don’t make things harder than they need to be! You already have the content, so with just a change in approach, your content can reach and talk to a whole new target group! Just by making these few small tweaks, people can find, consume and enjoy it the way they were meant to.

That wasn’t so hard was it? With these three steps you can change the way your content performs. So, don’t stay stagnant! Put your content to work! Want to learn more about how your content can be activated through Video Marketing? Download our ebook! 

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