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Before, During, and After Your Event with Video!

Whether it's a business conference, seminar - or a food or music festival - we know that your event takes heaps of work to put on! Events are a great component of a solid marketing strategy that engage, build relationships, stimulate your audience and encourage brand loyalty. No matter the industry, your brand can find ways to either host or attend events. Let's see what video can do for you as an organizer or sponsor before, during, and after your event! 

Here's a breakdown of the kind of video you can create before, during, after your next event!

1. Before the big day

  • Save the date  
  • Speaker outreach 
  • Landing page video
  • Invite video 
  • Event app video 
  • Speaker reveals 
  • Countdown to the event 
  • Early bird deadlines + registration windows
  • Behind the scenes preparation 

It's important to increase anticipation before an event to make sure your attendance numbers are up to par! Event video is a great way to give people a sneak peak of what they can expect and generate enthusiasm for what's to come. It's also a great way to put faces to names in terms of getting excited about your speakers. Someone who is a bit on the edge might be convinced after watching your video, and for those who have never heard of the event? Video's reach and shareability is so high that it can help boost awareness even more!

A creative take on a teaser video

 Eye catching sign-up video


2. During the event

  • Backstage interviews
  • Live streaming of talks
  • Q&A session 
  • Social stories

While all the action is happening, you shouldn't forget about video's real-time power. Participants will be happy to share content they didn't have to create, letting people back at the office in on what they've learned. So, make sure your social channels are active on the day itself!

Some other ideas: Before a speaker takes the stage, create hype by previewing who's up next and playing video up on the venue's screen. As speakers are on stage, you can record Keynote video or Q&A sessions. Video for social could be mean live streaming the event as it happens, or recording interesting tidbits for stories on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to bolster that FOMO even more. 😉 Speakers love to promote their talks, so pull them aside after they leave the stage to do some quick recaps.

 Backstage interviews from our latest VFC event

Video used on screens throughout the event venue 

3. After it's all said and done!

  • Recap video/Highlight video
  • 'Best thing about the event' from attendees
  • User Generated Content (UGC)
  • Presentation videos (gated and non-gated)
  • Thank you video to the sponsors, attendees, speakers, etc

The fun is over, but the event content doesn't have to be! After your event, be sure to leverage the opportunities to remind attendees how much fun they had, recap the main takeaways, and stay on people's mind who attended, and also those who didn't! A classic video tool for after an event is a recap and highlight video. After compiling all the best moments of the day, make sure you create and repurpose your content for different contexts (website, social) to get the most mileage out of your video. As for UGC, it might be something you've never thought of, but it's a great and authentic way to convey the excitement behind the event. You can ask attendees to post with your hashtag to compile all the great clips!




Want to make sure your event is covered with video?  

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