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Behind the Scenes: Audi and StoryMe

A StoryMe video production is unique because we have a great team of video passionate people who think outside the box and find new ways to help clients. Our production is a combination of our talented creative and strategy teams coming together to bring a client's vision and message to life. Every month we'll feature one Behind the Scenes project to share with you. Here's the first!

How employer branding should be done!

Normally, when you think of a big car brand and video marketing, a sleek branding video comes to mind. What made this Audi project so unique was that it was used for HR purposes! Audi Brussels needed a recruitment video to entice engineers to build their new model of electric car, so we helped them do just that. We sat down and talked to the Art Director, Project Manager and Video Marketer on the project to find out what made the project a success and what exactly they enjoyed doing for it.

Here what they had to say in our first episode of Behind the Scenes


 Behind the Scenes: StoryMe and Audi


 The final Audi video



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