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Behind the Scenes: Knokke Heist & StoryMe

We have a kickass team of video-passionate people who think outside the box. They find fresh ways to communicate our clients' message no matter the chalelnge. Each production - inside the studio or on location - is a combination of production and strategy coming together to bring a client's vision and brand message to life in style, and with that StoryMe sauce, of course! Here's a look behind the scenes of the Knokke-Heist and StoryMe collaboration.

Hear what the Art Director Elisabeth and Video Marketer Vincent had to say about the artistic approach and strategic collaboration for Knokke-Heist.


Video to Spark Change and Motivate Action 💥

Not all animated explainer videos are trying to push a product or service. As was the case for this latest project, Knokke-Heist's mayor came to StoryMe with a challenge to convince locals to sign a petition against a test island that would disrupt the environment and effect the socio-economic balance of this coastal city. Watch and see why the city thinks it would be a major mistake to go through with building this test island.




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