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Choosing live and animated video for your business!

Once you've jumped over the first hurdle of realizing you need video for your business, the creative fun is just beginning! Depending on what you need to communicate and what goals you need to achieve, live or animated video- or a mix - can be just what you need. Here's a breakdown of the difference and some possibilities.

Live action realness 🎥

Let's start with the obvious. Live video is the real deal, allowing you to humanize whatever story you have to tell or sell. Because live video is naturally humanizing, it helps you get up close and personal with your viewers of passion, resilience, humor, authenticity, and anything else you can imagine! With a slick brand story and feel, some products or services also deserve to be shown as they really are. Have features so fancy they deserve a close-up? Want to show off how sexy your product is? Live is perfect to immerse your audience with impressive design, brand ethos, and communicate ease of use.

  • product promos
  • office tours
  • events
  • USP highlights
  • job ads
  • product marketing tutorials
  • employee orientation 
  • testimonials or case studies
  • branding



You can still get super creative with live video! Take this stunning McAlson boxer video.

 Live video puts a face to their employees and highlights their work environment.

This email video signatures give people the feeling they know you before they meet you!


Animated video versatility 🎨

Surely you're familiar with the classic animated video! It's an accessible and entertaining medium that zooms across our tv and phone screens all the time. With animation, creating a brand identity with color, characters, and logos is perfectly possible. Intangible products and services are perfect for animated worlds because there's no limit as to how far you can go or how creative you can get. What would normally break the bank in a live production is actually completely possible with animation. Do you want dancing chips or flying unicorns? You can add whatever fun and flavor to your storyboard and go back and edit with ease.

  • Product features/explainers
  • How-to videos
  • Onboarding
  • Brand mission
  • App explainer
  • Events
  • Testimonials


Animated videos work great for medical/pharma industries. Health related topics like cancer can be conceptualized in an easier way with animation.

Politically charged topics can be made more digestible like in this video that asks people to vote against the building of a new island.  

Compressors can be complex! This animation brings things to life while explaining technical things. 

When you want a mix of animation and live!

We know the world isn't always black and white, and sometimes you need a little bit of live and animation to really achieve what you want and drive your message home. A mix of live and animation can be great if you're looking to:


  • add a dynamic touch to your visuals
  • bring the conceptual and real to life
  • stand out and avoid creative fatigue in your branding





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