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Coffee Corner 17: Social Media Updates!


On the latest episode of Coffee Corner, our beloved video strategist Jordan talks about the latest video marketing trends, cool ways companies are using video and how to step up your game on the social platforms.


What’s new in video marketing?

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  • Facebook is testing out a new feature where they highlight the location where your video is the most popular. For the moment the feature is only available for a select number of users, but imagine what you can do with all that info!
  • When you upload a video on Facebook, it’s now possible to choose a thumbnail from any part of the video instead of having to struggle with a thumbnail you’ve been dealt.
  • Facebook is on a roll! Another exciting thing they’re testing out right now are polls with gifs. Give your audience a GIF instead of a standard type answer (so passé)!


  • You can now also add polls to your Instagram Stories. This means even more interaction with your followers (hooray!).
  • Once users turn on sound in the app, Instagram videos in their newsfeed will automatically play with sound.


  • Snapchat added educational courses called Explore to its platform! This way marketers can learn how to make the most out of Snapchat ads and reach their target audience!
  • Snapchat is still taking it a step further though and creating new advertising opportunities for companies with their World Lenses augmented reality feature.


  • Vimeo has finally added live streaming options to its platform! A logical move as Live video has picked up momentum and many other platforms have already added the feature.

Cool Company Case:

One company that’s definitely doing it right when it comes to video is Knorr, a well established food brand of Unilever. They faced the hard challenge of engaging with millennials. After they found out that people who share favorite flavors are more likely to be attracted to each other, they did what any smart-thinking brand would do: create flavor profile quizzes and promote this with video content. They created different types of video for the different platforms they used to reach millennials, taking the platforms and various video formats into account.

Tips & Tricks: stepping up your game on social

  • Start with a plan! Time is money so don’t just ‘wing it’ when it comes to video. Consider the goal, your audience and on which platform you want to share it.
  • Consider all the platforms! No two platforms are exactly the same, keep this in mind when making your video because it can affect the style and type of video.
  • Distribution is key! Don’t rely just on organic traffic! Put some dollardollarbills behind your video and let traffic come to you.
  • Encourage interaction! The more people engage with your post, the more it appears in timelines and suggestions, increasing the success of your video.


That’s it for this episode of Coffee Corner! Hope this helped you catch up on everything that’s new with video. Definitely stay tuned for the next episode, because Jordan will be talking about using user generated content video.


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