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Coffee Corner 18: Video in Your Sales Funnel

On the latest episode of Coffee Corner, our beloved video strategist Jordan talks about the latest video marketing trends, cool ways of incorporating video in your company’s sales funnel and how to make an e-mail e-mazing with a video.

Ready, set, let’s summarize!

What’s new in video marketing?

Facebook recently surpassed Netflix for online video, taking the #2 spot when it comes to most watched video services. Netflix is still one of the strongest players when it comes to people's total viewing time.

  • Facebook recently launched the ability for broadcasters to invite a guest. They’ve now extended the feature, making it possible for viewers to request to join live broadcasts! Think of all the possibilities!

  • Amazon is going up against YouTube and although they don’t have nearly the same amount of viewers, they offer businesses better brand identity and more detailed viewer data when it comes to advertising. That’s no small thing!

  • Snapchat introduces context cards. Thanks to geofilters, you can just swipe up on a Story or Snap and get more information about the specific location. Even being able to see reviews, make a reservation and order an uber to that exact place. 

Three touch points that can be videofied in your sales communications:

1. Outbound: stand out in a sea of written emails.
2. Offer: explain pricing through video and walk people through how you can help them.
3. Delight: build on business relationship and show clients and prospects that they’re more than just a number.


For examples of real companies doing it right, check out the video above!

Tips & Tricks: using video in email

Let people know there’s a video because including video in your subject line can increase the opening rate by 19%
  • Create a personalized thumbnail
  • Make it personal by choosing a target audience and pinpointing their job function and pain points
  • Keep it short!
  • Download the Chrome extension Soapbox so that making videos becomes super easy.


That’s it for this episode of Coffee Corner! Hope this helped you catch up on everything that’s new with video. Definitely stay tuned for the next episode, because Jordan will be talking about using user generated content video.

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