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Coffee Corner 19: User Generated Content


It’s an exciting time for video! These days, video marketing trends and topics are constantly changing and evolving. Since we live and breathe the Video First mentality here at StoryMe, we launched the Coffee Corner channel to inspire, educate, and get you up to speed with the latest trends, and all the best tips and tricks to start using video yourself!

On the latest episode, our beloved video strategist Jordan talks about the latest video marketing trends, one cool way a super sexy company is using AI, and lots more!

Ready, set, let’s summarize!


What’s new in video marketing?



Facebook recently tested a new Live Video Producer tool, making it possible to do split screen and multiple camera shooting while live streaming. 67% of viewers find quality the most important factor when watching a live stream, but don’t forget the camera and audio quality as well! Facebook also introduced News Feed Publisher guidelines with clear do’s and dont’s for being successful on its platform, insights on how the newsfeed, and its ranking works and tools to help grow your audience.



According to TechCrunch, Instagram Stories and Whatsapp now have 300 million daily active users compared to Snapchat with 173 million daily users. A survey by Greenberg Strategy found that there’s a massive difference in when and where Snapchat is used. Another interesting find was that 12 - 21 year olds use Snapchat at school more often, while people 22 and older are less likely to use it at work. Here are some of the top places people use Snapchat:

  • Parties (good for 81%)

  • Home

  • Restaurants

  • Concerts

  • Malls


It’s pretty remarkable, but Artificial Intelligence (AI) can now understand what’s in a video, and PornHub is using it to automatically tag its 5 million videos. This way, when you post a video online, it will score based on what can be seen in the video rather than only looking at keywords and metadata.


Social commerce is coming

As long as beloved GoT character Jon Snow keeps repeating that ‘winter is coming’, we’ll be repeating that social commerce is coming! There has been a clear shift in consumer behavior with more time being spent on mobile and social media, meaning this could soon become a point of purchase as well. Brands should definitely keep this in mind when thinking about their social video strategy!


Cool Video Cases: Using User Generated Content

So, the first question you might have is what IS user generated content? It’s basically any content created by users and consumers about a brand or product. It works because it’s genuine; it’s real people shooting real stuff. It’s a great opportunity and companies should get on board. Check the video to see how some companies are putting their user generated content to good use!


Tips & Tricks: using user generated content

  • It doesn’t need to be a contest. Simply sharing videos from users related to your brand can do the trick (think product demo’s / unboxing...)
  • Show off your brand’s lifestyle. Find content that truly fits your brand and the lifestyle you want to promote.
  • Offer different perspectives. User generated content doesn’t only need to come from fans. Mix it up, ask employees or influencers to create content and show behind-the-scenes shots.
  • Engage! When users take the time to create promotional content, engage and comment with them! This will help encourage users to continue to create more content on your behalf.

That’s it for this episode of Coffee Corner! We hope this helped you catch up on everything that’s new with video. Definitely stay tuned for the next episode, because Jordan will be talking about the future of social on Instagram! 

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