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Coffee Corner 20: The Future of Video on Social


It’s an exciting time for video! These days, video marketing trends and topics are constantly changing and evolving. Since we live and breathe the Video First mentality here at StoryMe, we launched the Coffee Corner channel to inspire, educate and get you up to speed with the latest trends, and all the best tips and tricks to start using video yourself!

Can you believe it’s already the 20th Coffee Corner episode?! To celebrate, Jordan our beloved video strategist, made the latest episode extra special, giving answers to viewers’ burning questions in a short Q&A!

We’re dropping the latest knowledge bomb on video marketing!


First Snap Inc., the company Facebook loves to copy when it comes to its fun filters and features, isn’t doing so well financially and is slowing in growth. No need for mourning just yet though! Snapchat is fighting back and adding an algorithm to its platform so you can prioritize the things you love most.


Instagram now allows you to add any video or photo to your story from your camera roll. It used to only let you post pictures and videos taken in the last 24 hours, then it changed to a week and now there’s no restriction!


Facebook is testing 5 second video previews in places with high data costs. In noob lingo, you’ll get to see a preview before deciding if you want to commit to watching the whole thing.


BuzzFeed recently came up with their very own version of a card game called ‘Social Sabotage’. Described as a mix between Cards Against Humanity and Truth or Dare, it seems like the perfect Christmas gift for that social media obsessed friend. The game is simple, one stack of cards gives you a very embarrassing task to fulfill and the other stack of cards tells you on which digital platform or messaging app you should post the result. For example, ‘take a video of yourself attempting to do the worm’ and post it to ‘Instagram’. Thank you BuzzFeed for breaking social barriers and making our beautifully curated digital life implode with these cards.

Q&A: the video questions on viewers’ minds

Q1: What’s the future of influencers?

Influencer marketing will continue to grow in 2018. More brands and even B2B companies, are using influencers in their social media strategies. Influencers are a great way to reach your target audiences or build awareness with new ones.

Q2: Why can I still not upload native video to my company page on LinkedIn?

It hasn’t been rolled out yet for company pages. As a company however you can post videos in YouTube format to your company page. According to LinkedIn Senior Product Manager Peter Roybal, rolling the option out to companies might be in the cards for the future.

Q3: What’s going to happen to Snap?

Sadly, we don’t have a crystal ball to give you a clear answer. It’s true they haven’t been doing too well financially but we hope they snap out of it and stick around. A little bit of competition is always healthy.

Q4: What’s the best new video app?

Here are some apps that make creating video easy as pie:


A free app for iPhone that lets you make fun videos that you can share. The best feature has to be the subtitles Clips automatically generates as you speak! You can also add animated text, music, emojis and more …

Adobe Premiere Clip

Another free video editor app. This app is especially great if you work with Premiere Pro as you can easily transfer your work to your desktop to refine it.

Q5: Is organic reach dead?

Organic reach is not dead, but definitely declining so it’s important for businesses to put some money behind their social videos and to reach out to find their audience. Not the other way around because what’s the point of investing if the content isn’t seen by your audience?

Q7: What’s next for video on social?

Video will continue to grow and fill your newsfeed. More brands will start using content generated by users. Lastly, video creators should keep an eye on Facebook as it continues to expand their video functions.

Tips & Tricks: vertical video

  • Shoot in Vertical. Or if you really want to shoot in horizontal, make sure to keep the main action in the center so the video can be adapted to vertical.
  • Keep it short! Humans have the attention spans of goldfish, so keep your video 8-12 seconds in length and ads 6 seconds or less.
  • Single message. Pack a punch early on in the video and deliver one clear and simple message.
  • Test different video lengths. This way you can optimize for best results.

That’s it for this episode of Coffee Corner! We hope this helped you catch up on everything that’s new with video. Definitely stay tuned for the next episode, because Jordan will be talking about the latest in video marketing and optimizing video for SEO.

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