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Update: The Video First Program is Complete!

Our VFC team has put so much effort into bringing you the best Video First Conference possible this year. Let’s look into the program which features the main stage and dedicated side tracks for your department, an exciting CVO award, and of course, an awesome after party! This year’s Video First is set up for you to get the most out of your day and have fun while you’re at it. Here’s what you can expect from the day's program and what you’ll learn on November 22nd in Brussels. 🚀


1. Expect the highest-caliber speakers at Video First! 📣

Our priority has always been to bring you the best video experts to learn from and walk away feeling more ready to take on video strategy in their companies. This year wasn't any different! We've rounded up almost 20 international speakers from BuzzFeed, Wistia, ASOS, Facebook, YouTube and more to speak during the day! Needless to say, it'll be a great opportunity to ask questions and engage with experts in their fields! 

2. Start off your day with the VFC main track 🥐 

The morning's main track will be full of diverse and interesting topics, with knowledge for everyone to grab a hold of and implement in 2019! The day will start off with a delicious breakfast, and then we'll get things rolling with a welcome and introduction speech at 9 am. After that, talks like "Make Content People Want to Watch" and "4 reasons why you should change your video advertising strategy immediatelyare meant to get the conversation flowing and questions brewing!

3. Sidetrack stages in the afternoon

After a tasty lunch, you can choose from three side tracks of video knowledge that are most relevant to you and your department or industry. Are you in HR, Sales, or Marketing? We've created side tracks for a more tailored experience on a department and practical level. You'll find three breakout rooms dedicated to the content that's most useful for you with experts in each department diving deeper into tools you can use to improve your business efforts.

4. The CVO Award Honor 🏆

During the year, we love seeing the lightning progress companies are making with video! Before the afterparty gets underway, we'll take time to recognize one particular person who excels in video strategy in their company and are at the forefront of business video. The winner of our CVO award will win a surprise gift as well as a cool collaboration with us! Don't miss this part, because it could be you!




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