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7 Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Site with the Help of Video!

💡 Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines!

As a wise man once said: "Video will be responsible for 80% of the world’s internet traffic by 2019." But what about your website traffic? By adding video to your content efforts on multiple platforms, you'll bring eyes to the prize - your website! Your website is where the conversions happen, so it's important to take a step back and look at how video naturally helps increase traffic to your site.

1. We can't talk about website traffic without singing the praises of video SEO! 

Creating video content is great because search engines prefer it. Hosting your videos on your website and platforms like YouTube and Vimeo increases the chances that you'll rank high in Google, but first. make sure to optimize your video by setting it up for success:

  • Include relevant titles so that you answer your viewers' questions. Platforms can then better understand what your video is about, optimizing its place in search. Don't forget the name of the video itself. Avoid uploading with a name like Video123.mp4; give it a specific title!
  • Use the right keywords. For example, on YouTube when you're describing your video content, list keywords in clusters. For example, use "video marketing tips" instead of separating each word.
  • Include transcripts when possible so Google can sort your content more accurately and show it to the right people.

2. Email marketing magic

Email marketing is great because when done right, it reminds people you exist and is the perfect chance to offer useful content to your audience and keep them up to date with what your company is doing. Before you can get people clicking on your website, they need to open the newsletter first! Video newsletters (include 'video' or 'watch this' in the subject line) boast a 19% increase in open rates, so there's that. Make sure to make it easy for your readers and include CTAs that link properly to your website. Also, if your thumbnail links to a video, make sure there's a play button on the image. At the very least, include GIFs if a video isn't possible.


3. Social is super obvious, but....

So, we feel like we're telling you something you know already, but reminders never hurt anyone. Here's the thing: posting a video alone to social isn't enough. Give that video of yours wings by using the caption real estate to link to your site with a strong call to action. Get around the one link limit on Instagram with a great tool called Linktree; it serves as a landing page for all your relevant links!



4. Answer people's questions with video

Have you noticed if you type in How-To that a video pops up at the top of your search? Google is taking note that people don't want to sift through a bunch of text, they want to learn quick and easy: with video. If your company offers valuable advice, upload your answers and tips in video to your site, hosting platform or social. The chances others will come to your content via search is high, and if you offer super valuable content, they'll want more on your website. It's a win-win!



5. Make your YouTube channel work for you

YouTube works to keep people on its platform as long as possible, but that doesn't mean you can't drive people to your site! If you have a company YouTube channel where you host important videos, there are ways to drive more traffic. Upload your videos and don't forget the details:

  • Description - Be sure to add the link that's most relevant to your video in the body of your description
  • Cards - cards appear in the top right to promote an array of things - like your website!
  • End Screens - at the end of the video be sure to link to your website or associated link
  • Channel header - add a custom link to your channel banner


6. Videofy your advertising efforts

The click-through-rate of video ads is 1.84%. Compare that to the CTR of a plain text ad with .20-.50% CTR. As people thumb through their newsfeed, it's proven that they're more likely to engage with a video ad. Have an event or product launch? A content campaign to spread far and wide? Whenever possible use video in your ads across all platforms. You're upping the chances of a higher CTR, and of course, more traffic to your site!




7. Host webinars 

Hosting online events like webinars and whiteboard sessions is a great way to offer value on your home turf, your website! If you have a strong marketing plan in place and SEO optimized landing pages, you're in good shape! In addition to driving traffic to your site, webinars are valuable for lead generation and content repurposing later on.

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