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Ephemeral video marketing is here to stay!

Everything we put out into the world wide web is permanent. Yup, even those photos from that awkward phase you'd rather forget - there forever 😉. Well, Snapchat and other ephemeral video apps are packing major punches in the digital world these days, and it's time to get to know them. These apps give people reasons to post more freely and creatively, while creating an exciting landscape for brands to thrive in an entirely new way. Why? Ephemeral video content (aka temporary video) may expire after 24 hours, but its platforms are here to stay!

Video's best disappearing act

Ephemeral video marketing is a real-time heavy hitter. Leading the way in these ephemeral storytelling apps isyou guessed itSnapchat. Snapchat rose to popularity by letting users post videos and photos that disappear after 10 seconds. Now valued at $25 billion, it's high time to take platforms like Snapchat seriously. Instagram and Facebook aren't far behind since they've integrated similar features into their apps. (Instagram is closing in on Snapchat's users with 150 million daily users.)

Disappearing video, so what's the big fuss?

Don't worry, we get it! Investing time and energy into creating content that will ultimately disappear might seem counter intuitive. Why put effort into something that will poof into thin air? Here's why: ephemeral video offers a great chance to get genuine and engage with your viewers in a concise and creative way. Users tend to trust brands more when they show a side of themselves that's not mega calculated. People also love the sense of urgency behind disappearing content. Simply put, temporary video content is an engagement gold mine and the numbers prove it. 

These stats are a glimpse into just how active users are on day-to-day basis.

Staggering Snapchat Stats

*Users spend about 25-30 minutes on the platform each day

*100 million daily active users

*2.5 billion snaps taken per day

*60% of users contribute content daily

Pros to using ephemeral video:

People love brands that storytell

Whether you're a brand or just a casual user, creating an entire narrative people can follow builds connections and fosters creativity. (Use fun features like lenses and stickers to enhance your story!)

Behind the scenes for your brand

Allow your customers and viewers to see you in a more human light! Feature product sneak peeks or behind the scenes footage to keep it interesting.

Increase event visibility

Have a cool event coming up? Want to create buzz around it? Take advantage of geofilters for specific locations as well as branded filters. Users find them useful and super engaging.

Spontaneous moments are key

The great part about using ephemeral video is that it disappears - so don't try too hard, because being genuine is what makes your content most engaging anyway.

Huge HR potential

Showcasing employees and/or your company culture is a great recruiting tool, especially if you're targeting millenials, the most active demographic on these platforms.

*Other great ways to use temporary video marekting? Q&A sessions - Contests, perks, promotions  - How to's. 

Cons to consider

Drawbacks to these social platforms do exist. First off, these apps are mostly mobile, which means it's more difficult to track metrics beyond number of views and who has viewed. Next, making fancy productions with the help of Photoshop and other editors won't be possible. Oh, and if you're looking to repurpose your content, this isn't your platform. Lastly, resharing content isn't possible for now.

The takeaway? Ephemeral marketing may be temporary in nature, but it's here for the long haul! There's a place for temporary video content in any company's marketing strategy. Should it be your only marketing effort? Definitely not, but it's a sweet approach that really enhances your exisiting efforts.

Follow our accounts on Instagram and Snapchat (scan our code above!) to see how we're using ephemeral video here at StoryMe. Want to see more? Head over to our YouTube channel Video Marketing Coffee Corner. This week Jordan and Arnaud cover the ins and outs of ephemeral video!

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