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Europe's Biggest Video Strategy Conference Comes to Brussels!

Last year, Video First Conference was the first event in the world dedicated to Video Strategy; this year, it’s the biggest in Europe! The shift from Video Marketing to Video Strategy has taken the digital landscape by storm and we’re so happy to see the evolution of video from luxury to a necessary communication tool for every department.

Join the Video First Conference and Take Steps in Video Strategy!

Twenty international video thought leaders will join us in the heart Europe in Brussels on November 22nd. They will guide attendees from Video Strategy to video results in one dynamic day and inspire you to implement video across different company departments! Join us for a jam-packed day dedicated only to Video Strategy insights and trends in Sales, HR, Marketing, and Communication!

Is Your Company Ready for the Shift?

The Video First movement is the reality that by 2020 every person in every department will create video. But how can companies make this Strategy shift efficiently and successfully? Our speakers will answer those questions and more on November 22nd!

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out 💥

Our speakers will reflect specific video expertise that attendees shouldn’t miss out on. Whether you’re a professional taking your first steps into video, or you’re video advanced and need fresh insights and trends, this event is for you!

To give you a peek into the stunning possibilities of business video, here are ways Video First will help your department efforts:


  • Use video to improve your overall recruitment efforts and internal communication

Marketing & Communication

  • Get tips and tricks to use video in your content strategy, advertising, and storytelling

  • Learn how video increases sales and conversions online 

uper Early Bird Tickets 🎟

Tickets are now on sale! If you purchase as a Super Early Bird, you can enjoy a discount of 100 euros on the full ticket price. With such a big savings, you can bring your whole team to Video First! 

Practical Info 📆

Take a look at the Video First Confernce website



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