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Join the Biggest Video Strategy Event in Europe:  Video First Conference 2020

One year ago, we hosted Video First Conference for 400 Marketing, Sales & HR professionals at Event lounge, Brussels. This time, we've moved our event from November to February and we're so ready to bring you an out of this world experience at Wild Gallery in Brussels on 20 February 2020. 🚀 💫

Join the Video First Conference and get expert knowledge in all things video!

More than fifteen international video thought leaders will join us in the heart of Europe for a day dedicated to all things video. They'll each inspire and educate you on video marketing campaigns and strategies, as well as the latest video technologies & trends

For the third edition of Video First Conference, we're excited to offer additional "video first labs": interactive workshops that will help take your video efforts to the next level. This means you'll be able to go from inspiration to implementation in one dynamic day! 

Ready to start winning with Video? 

The Video First shift is taking place right now, and in all kinds of industries and departments. But how can companies become Video First efficiently and successfully? With so many brands turning to video, how do you stand out with top-notch video content? And how can today's use of data and technology help see more return out of your video efforts? Our speakers will answer those questions and more on February 20th!

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out 💥

Whether you’re a professional taking steps towards becoming video first, or you’re video advanced and need fresh insights and trends, this event is for anyone who wants to learn from world-class experts in video content, strategy and technology!

Here are a few ways Video First Conference will help you maximize your impact with video:


1. Get inspired by top-notch video content from the brands you know & love! 

2. Learn how the latest trends in data & technology can increase the return on your video efforts

3. Get up to speed with the most important best practices in your industry & department: Our diverse        speakers will cover cases & tips in both B2B and B2C, from Marketing to HR departments. 


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Super Early Bird Tickets 🎟

The VFC ticket sale hast just launched! As a Super Early Bird, you can now enjoy a discount of 100 euros. 

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Practical Info 📆

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