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Forget Google. Here are 4 Ways to Improve Your Rankings on YouTube!

So, your new videos are on YouTube? Great! But how do you get organic traffic to your shiny content? According to top marketer Neil Patel, you need to forget about Google: ‘’YouTube videos don’t rank that well and they don’t drive a lot of traffic from it.’’ But if not Google, then what?

Start Optimizing Your Videos on YouTube!

Instead of worrying about ranking on Google, you need to start optimizing your videos on YouTube. The video platform hits around 1.5 billion active users each month! Patel says, ‘’Think of Youtube as a separate search engine. If you have videos on popular topics, you can get tons of traffic.’’ Neil Patel is so kind to share 4 easy-to-implement tips and tricks on optimizing your videos for Youtube search.

Ready to boost your rankings? 🚀 Here we go!

1. Use manual subtitles in your Videos

When you use subtitles by uploading a transcript manually, YouTube’s search engine can actually crawl what’s being said in your video. So, if you use specific keywords often, you get a better chance of ranking higher on this topic.


2. Create longer videos

In order to get higher rankings on YouTube, long videos are key. Truth be told, YouTube hates super short videos. The reason for this is that YouTube wants its users to view content that has a higher chance of keeping them on the platform for a longer amount of time. Research shows that the average length of first page YouTube videos is 14 minutes and 50 seconds. But really, anything above five minutes is good to go.

Watch the entire Video of Neil Patel and Adam LoDolce here:


3. Use vidIQ to find the right keywords

To get the most from your beloved traffic, of course you need to use the right keywords in your YouTube headlines, tags, description etc. Lack of inspiration? Then just check out your competition with vidIQ. This very handy tool can help you find out exactly what terms and tags are working or not working for your competitors. A bonus tip: if a video is ranking very high on certain keywords, but there aren’t a lot of subscribers to that specific channel, then there's a lot of room for you as a competitor to hijack that spot!

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4. Use your first 24 hours wisely ⏱

The first moments after you uploaded your Video on YouTube are crucial. If it crushes it in the first 24 hours, this will usually determine if it will do really well over time. So, promote your Video across all of your channels and use your first day wisely!



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