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Guide your Fintech & SaaS leads through the funnel with video

So, you’ve created a product that will revolutionize the Fintech or SaaS industry, simplifying the lives of your target audience. Great! But how will you reach your prospects? And can you explain your product in a way that people will understand it and see all of its benefits? A well thought out video marketing strategy will guide your leads through the funnel effortlessly, reducing drop off along the way, all while making your sales skyrocket! 

Through the video marketing funnel in three stages 🌪

🚀Get your target audience tickets to the video marketing festival! There are three stages that will make them super fans of your Fintech or SaaS product. 

1. Awareness stage

This is the first stage. People still have no idea who you are, what you’re doing, let alone know that your product will change their life and business for the better.

Immediately talking about the benefits of your product won’t win them over either. You want to captivate them, and what better way than with some entertainment? Win over your crowd by making them laugh, teaching them something new, piquing their curiosity or just flat out blowing their minds.

Translate this into short, snackable and easy to understand content targeted directly to your audience and they’ll come flocking to you. Here are some examples:

Make them laugh: Dave's Epic Strut

Teach them something: Coffee Corner

Now that your audience is aware that you exist and has a notion of your Fintech or SaaS product, it’s time to guide them to the next stage. Let’s make them consider you as their partner that will help their business thrive.

2. Consideration stage

After engaging with a large audience, it’s time to thin the herd even further to attract those sweet quality leads. You’ve got their attention already, which means they’ll come to your stage without having to put up a show to attract them. This brings new opportunities for you!

Time to go a little deeper into the USPs of your product. Just how will your crowd benefit from your Fintech product or SaaS solution? Explainer videos are the tool to highlight the USPs of your product all while keeping it simple. Golden TIP: Make sure to focus on the main USPs and don’t try to cram too many of them in there. Ask yourself what you really want to say to your audience without losing their attention - 'innovative' or 'cheap' are definitely not USP's, so resist the urge to mention that. 😉

These examples can give you some insights into the video marketing content for the consideration stage:


When you’ve built up the confidence to take it to the next level, it’s time for the third stage. Letting your target audience decide to join forces with you.

3. Decision stage

We’ve reached staged three, woohoo! The target audience is at its tipping point, if you want to sell your merchandise, or in this case your super awesome Fintech or SaaS product, you’ll need to convince them with that extra push. But how?

Glad you asked. The best way to do this is with video (go figure, right?). Videos that work great are:

  • Testimonials
  • Case videos
  • Price promotions

Here's an example from Showpad & Xpenditure:

 The last stage of the video marketing funnel isn’t really the last stage at all. Stopping here would be a waste of all the effort you’ve already put into your content strategy, so keep on going, you can already see the light at the end of the tunnel!

4. Delight at the end of the funnel

Now that you’ve got a decent client base, it’s important to retain them. And a happy customer is also one that will bring in new ones, never underestimate the power of word of mouth! When you know that going the extra mile for your existing customers has such a large return on investment, it’s no effort really.

How do you make happy campers out of the financial bigwigs? Treat them as you would your friends, or even your partner. Here are three points you’ve got to keep in mind when creating content for your customer delight.
- Support
- Surprise
- Delight

Tutorials can be really helpful, and useful for other situations as well. Or keep them craving more with new feature announcements, lifting only a bit of the veil. 

Now you know the main tricks to keep your leads from dropping out of the funnel. The best buyer's journeys involve video, hands down, so go out there and get those leads!

Let's talk video!

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