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What Fintech Can Learn from Video Marketing - June 26th, London

We’re super excited to announce StoryMe's Europe fastest growing Video Agency and Rise London, Europe's leading Fintech hub, have joined forces to inspire and empower you with the latest Video Strategy trends in the Fintech industry!

Over the last six years, video’s popularity and presence has skyrocketed across all industries, including Fintech! Innovative and disruptive financial services are also leveraging the power of video to explain their complex products in the simplest way: with video!

You're Invited to Join Us!

Join us at Rise in Shoreditch on Tuesday, June 26th from 6:30pm - 9:30pm for a free inspirational session on how Fintech is using video to build trust and engage with their audiences. 

The Inspiring Video Session You Shouldn't Miss

Our video experts along with those from Rise will educate and empower you with an exclusive and inspiring session. The session will guide you through Video Strategy theory and practicals, the industry's greatest challenges and how video is the best way to tackle them. Finally, as experts in all things video, we have invited some of the greatest Fintech companies to share their success stories whilst using video to activate and promote their business online.

The Evening's Agenda 📆

6:30 Registration

7:00 Introduction to Video Strategy

7:20 How fintech is using video to build trust and better engage with their audiences.

7:45 Speakers testimonials

8:30 Networking

9:30 End


Click on the link below to see the list of all speakers!

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