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How personalized video will change your sales game!

First of all, stop thinking of your prospects as leads! They’re people, just like you and me. And not to brag, but we know a thing or two about people. 😉It's all about cutting through the noiseespecially in business. It's about being recognized as a person, not an asset. This alone is the main reason why taking the time to use video in lead nurturing can have such a big impact on your sales targets. Making a personalized video does take some time, but it more than makes up for it when you’re swimming in recurring clients while reeling in even more. You’re going to need a bigger boat if everything goes well!


1. Start off by targeting your quality leads

Before you start making personalized videos, you want to know just who your prospects are. After all, making a video, short as it may be, does take some time. So use yours wisely to check out potential prospects that can become quality leads―and hopefully―long-term recurring clients.

If you regularly push content on different channels you can make use of lead scoring to help you sift through the mass of potentials. That way you can go the extra mile for those that seem interested in doing business, but still need that nudge and push. Tip: Make sure you've got the right KPI's set to target the leads that watched your video all the way through.


2. The age of cold calling is over

Have you heard? Cold calling and mailing is so passé. People want to viewed as more than just a number. They want to be engaged on a personal level, and video does that best! Video increases click-through and conversation rates in ways text just can't. Nowadays, cold calling is often met with hostility, which is not fun for your potential customer or for your dear sales team. Here’s where video comes into play! Video speaks on so many more levels than plain text or a phone call. With video, people can look you in the eye, see your facial expressions and recognize that you’re talking straight to themespecially when you address them by their name.  


They feel that you’ve gone the extra mile for them, which easily opens the way for a ‘warm call’. When your potential customer has viewed your video all the way through, give them a call. They’ll remember you and won’t see it as 'cold calling' anymore. So set up a meeting and strike while the iron is hot! At StoryMe, we're big believers in standing out with video in every step of the client journey. Here's an example of our sales and strategy team working together to educate a client. The results were gold! 


3. Give yourself a head start!

So, you've sent off your personal video. Now what? Well, when you finally do have a meeting with your potential client, he or she is already familiar with you, and they'll most likely have the feeling that they’ve already gotten to know you. This is a huge advantage when trying to convince your customer to do business with you. Because as you probably already know, decision making is heavily influenced by emotions. Make your client feel like they trust you and know you, and they’ll go the extra mile for you down the line.

4. Follow up with personalized video

Keep your clients up to date or send them a simple thank you for a meeting you’ve just had. Keep it short and sweet and speak to them directly. It'll make them feel appreciated, which in turn makes you linger in their minds long after the email's been clicked. It only takes a minute of your sales team’s time, but it can make a world of difference for your new clients and even for your long-standing clients.


5. Time to get practical 

Check out our coffee corner episode that covers the tips and tricks you need to create a video for your client:


Video creation tips:

  • Keep it short, to the point & personal
  • Say their name
  • Leave room for about a fist above your head
  • Looking into the camera is looking into your customers’ eyes
  • Make sure your face is well lit
  • Talk in a comfortable position
  • Don’t ramble, use your normal voice
  • Be yourself

To learn more about incorporating your video in email, watch what our Video Marketeer Korneel has to say: 



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