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How StoryMe Made the Video Strategy Shift! 

Everything begins and ends with Video Strategy at StoryMe!

The Big Strategy Shift 🚀

Business changes and so do our products to better service our clients. The recent shift from pure production to Strategy happened organically! We noticed businesses were lacking in succeeding to spread their videos. Sure, they made nice videos, but there wasn't enough focus on reaching business goals. Our Strategists sat with clients to see how we could implement video to help them meet their business objectives, big and small. Now it's been a year and we've been testing this new way of working and are ready to service all our clients with Video Strategy.


Head of Video Strategy and StoryMe Strategy embassador Yan Ketelers explains it simply: "Video Strategy means feeding the right video, to the right audience, at the right time, and on the right channels.” Yan has been crucial in preaching the power of video at conferences, live events and keynotes this past year for StoryMe. Once our clients started to see the power of a focused Video Strategy plan, they were enthusiastic and more empowered in their video campaigns overall. To meet the strategy demand, we’ve grown our team over the last months to better educate and guide our B2C and B2B clients. We've seen how Video is the answer, but most of all, that strategy is the good foundation for a successful video campaign. 


Our New Look and Feel! 

Our Video Strategy shift explains our new digital look and feel! Our website got some tender, love, and care, it’s also become more user-friendly to reflects our new direction. Our Strategy and Solutions page highlights video inspiration and insight for clients to see what we offer with our products and services, as well as different ways departments can tackle challenges they might have with video. As for our product offer, it’s expanded to include video services for all video goals such as Animation, Live, and Snack Video. The demand for Live video in particular has boomed in the last year, and our department is equipped with more video specialists than before.

Freddy 3.0 🐧

Last but not least, maybe you’ve noticed that our cute mascot Freddy the Penguin got a face lift. We’re focused with a fresh mission, and a cute new look, too!


How We Implement Strategy at Graydon!

So, what does StoryMe Strategy actually look like? Graydon is a great example of a company utilizing video to boost business in their company's communication. They came to StoryMe with one simple need: to humanize their digital interaction for the better. The solution, as you could probably guess, was video! Our strategy team sat with Graydon to assess their needs and recommended that their employees use video signatures in email; the next project included an animated video to explain simply and effectively what the company does; followed by client testimonials that bring their partnerships to life online.

The StoryMe and Graydon partnership continues today, with Graydon projects taking place in Belgium and Holland. We're just happy that Graydon is still glowing about the difference video strategy has made in their organization!


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