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How We Work: Our 4 Steps!

Have you ever wondered how we create our wide range of video products at StoryMe? Wonder no more! Our 4 steps video production process makes our collaboration with you as seamless as possible. Ohhh yea, team work never looked so good!

How does it all go when you leave your business video in our hands? Well, we don't like secrets, so here's what you can expect when you partner up with us! Everything starts securing your important deadline within our planning. We then mobilize our creative team to get the ball rolling on your video. From there on out, we have 4 simple steps!

StoryMe Video Production in 4 Simple Steps

Step 1 / STORY: Our creative team (art directors, project managers, scriptwriters, illustrators, and more!) join forces in a big brainstorm to build a unique storyboard for your brand.

Step 2 / PRODUCTION : During this step, the visuals will come to life with colorful illustrations and smooth shots giving you a sneak peak of the final result you can expect.

Step 3 / DELIVERY: Now you can be wowed by your final video and its catchy soundtrack. 

We help you reach your goals by targeting your audience on all the right channels.

What's also great is that for each step, there's two rounds of feedback to make sure you get the final video product you were hoping for. So, follow these 4 simple steps and you're on your way to having a stress free collaboration with StoryMe!


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