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The Women of StoryMe


Today is International Women's Day! 💪There are 19 women doing their thing in all kinds of jobs at StoryMe - from happiness managing to illustrating and art directing. Together, we decided to make a video to highlight a few different roles and talk about the power of the StoryMe ladies, or sheros as we like to call them! 

A Video Ode to the StoryMe Sheros




(press ⚙️ for higher quality)


What brought these ladies to StoryMe?

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       Elisabeth                       Amber                          Lauren                           Marth                       Déborah

Working in a creative industry like video brings people with all different kinds of backgrounds together: some really studied to become a creative, others developed their talents on the side, and some just rolled into their position at StoryMe by pure coincidence! 

Déborah, Project Manager: 
"Three days before I saw the vacancy for Project Manager, I was in Ghent with friends,
thinking about how great it would be to work in Ghent. The fact that it's a Flemish city wasn't
a problem, because I speak Dutch and English too, with a sliiiiight French accent 😉." 

Lauren, Scriptwriter: 
"Life very randomly led me from being an art history student in England to
a video copywriter in Belgium for StoryMe... I had an interview with my bold and brilliant coach
and she really inspired me - it just felt like the place I had to be!"

Marth, Digital Marketeer: 
I started here as a student, doing some marketing work for one day a week. Then, I did
a three month internship with the marketing team and in the end, I got myself a contract
as a Digital Marketeer. Started from the bottom now we here, basically? 


What's the definition of a StoryMe Shero

Art directors, Illustrators, script writers, marketeers, happiness managers, project managers, HR managers... The list of kick-ass StoryMe Ladies is long, and they each have their unique strengths! But what really makes a StoryMe Shero? As Marth put it, "a Storyme Shero can really be whoever the hell she wants to be", but some typical characteristics that pop up when we ask this question are independent, creative and optimistic

Elisabeth, Art Director: 
"Someone who takes on challenges with a smile, but also brings
her chainsaw to completely break those challenges. 

Amber, Animation Art Director: 
"A person who supports the hard-working boss-pants-wearing
women who come and do their job here every single day."

Lauren, Scriptwriter:
"Being able to keep a creative head and sticking to your decisions in
a challenging and often male-dominated atmosphere."


 Today (or any other day), let's all give some extra love to the sheros  we work with! 💛

Schermafbeelding 2019-02-27 om 13.58.14

Happy International Women's Day

from all of us to all of you! 💪



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