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Let's Talk Video in Sales: Interview with Arthur Le Boudec!

At the Video First Conference, our very own Video Strategist Arthur Le Boudec gave an inspiring talk over the power of video in sales. Afterwords, Arthur talked to Jordan and shared his take on why B2B companies should turn to video as well as advice he’s gained from using the medium firsthand. Take a look below!


So, why is Video so powerful?

It all comes down to being personal. When you see a person’s face, maybe they have a nice big smile or they're wearing a cool graphic tee, either way you’re getting to know them. You're putting a face, voice, smile, and maybe even graphic tee to the name or brand. This is something a written email or a website alone just can’t do. That's where video swoops in to save the day.

"Marketing & HR managers are humans. And humans love video."

But maybe you're in B2B and don’t wear graphic tees...

Well, video is especially important for B2B companies. As Arthur puts it, “It’s often the case that you have to explain something complex in a simple way and in a short period of time.” Video is the best solution, and as mentioned earlier, communication is all about being personal even in B2B. And in this fast past, global economy video is the next best thing to being there in person. Afterall, Marketing and HR managers are humans, and humans love video!

And I know what you’re thinking: "I hate seeing myself on camera."

Arthur's advice to sales people wanting to incorporate more video in their sales approach is simpledon’t be shy! He says to stop typing and start telling. Open up your desktop or mobile camera and press record. It’s time to tell people who you are and how you can help. Don’t forget to smile!


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