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Meet Our Video Distribution Strategist, Michiel!

Meet the man behind our client's social ad campaigns! I had a chat with Michiel Dierickx, our Video Distribution Strategist about the state of social video ads and what he thinks businesses should keep in mind when diving into video marketing on social this year and next! 

Can you explain what you do as a Social Media Strategist?

I create and implement social media strategies for our clients. Not only do I thinking about the strategy, but I also set up the campaigns a-zWe use the videos that we've created for them, but also other media to meet their goals.

Platforms are constantly evolving, so as a strategist, I have to know what's going on. The first thing I do when I get to work is going through Social Media news... Nothing gets past me. 😉

Why do you enjoy helping clients with their social media strategy?

Honestly, I enjoy the challenge. All social platforms are constantly evolving so it means thinking of different approaches and creating relevant campaigns -- that's what keeps it challenging. I enjoy making ads as relevant as possible to the users. So that you see that the ads really work and resonate with people.

What’s the biggest change on social platforms that will change the game for businesses this year?

The new data privacy rule (GDPR) made social platforms update their policies and even tweak their platforms. Because of this, ad targeting has gotten a bit harder for businesses and will get harder.

  • Facebook: they're focusing more on people engagement, more advertising, sometimes means higher costs.
  • Snapchat: they started testing with different advertising possibilities, such as unskippable six-second ads. This might be interesting when it gets a bigger roll-out.
  • Twitter: they're upping their video advertising game. Partly to grab the publishers who feel let down by Facebook after the algorithm change to people-to-people engagement. I'm really curious about the outcome of their video focus.

Which social platforms do clients request most?

50% of my time goes to launching ads on Facebook & Instagram, 30% to YouTube and 20% to others like LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Google Outstream, etc.

I'm excited for Pinterest ads in Belgium, although they're not available just yet. There's lots of potential there for video ads since the platform has loads of users, and is highly relevant and engaging.

With the new Facebook algorithm being as tough as it is for businesses, do you have any tips for businesses looking to 'beat it'?

You should use small budgets to boost posts that you see are working well already, because you know the content is relevant and important. Small budgets can still make a difference! If you map out your content calendar, you can already start allocating budget to pieces here and there.

How do you see social video evolving for companies this year...and next? 

It's incredible how attention spans on Facebook are getting shorter and shorter. A social video has to capture their viewer's attention in 3 seconds or less. Most videos that you see going viral with entertainment or news value are brands excelling at short and snackable video formats. Other businesses need to be careful though not to overdo it with the entertaining angle. If done wrong, it could alienate your audience. So, stick to what reflects your business best and remember to always keep things relevant.

Any secret talents we should know about?

I play guitar in two bands, if you consider that a secret talent.

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