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Hosting Europe's 1st Video Strategy Conference!

We're Making Video History this November!

We have amazing news and are so glad we can finally share it with you.

We're hosting Video First Conference on November 30, 2017Influential speakers from YouTube, Facebook, and Wistiaalong with other video-centric companieswill join StoryMe in Ghent, Belgium at the first event of its kind in the heart of Europe. As a fast-growing, fresh-faced, video-loving company with headquarters in Belgium, we're super passionate about helping other companies win with video because we believe video is truly the best content for conversion. We believe in thinking Video First and this event is the first big step in celebrating that fact.




Four years in the making 

As a smart and scrappy scale-up, we have several years of video production expertise under our belt.

How did it all start? Our Founder Lorenzo Bown launched StoryMe to help companies simplify and communicate their complex messages with 1-minute animation explainers. However, companies didn’t always have the means or knowledge to implement their videos effectively on social channels. This year, we saw and met the demand to help these companies with in-house strategy services. and have had a blast. Since then, we've created both videos and video strategies for notable companies such as Unicef, Tomorrowland, Microsoft, BNP Paribas, Bank of America, ING, Pfizer, Lays, and more. Now as a thought leader in video strategy in Europe, we serve and work as a one-stop-shop for all clients’ video needs.

The momentum to host Europe’s first video strategy conference mounted quickly over the past year. Yan Ketelers, Head of Video Strategy here at StoryMe says, “We really believe in the power of video and wanted to share all the knowledge we’ve gained over the past years as a video company. We live a video first mentality because the truth is, video is shaping the future of online content as we know it.” 

Inspire, Educate, and Activate On All Things Video!

It was important for us to bring the best and most exciting speakers together to Video First. Well, we did just that. International speakers such as Chris Savage, Phil Nottingham, Leah Knobler and more will join our Video Strategists in exploring the booming state of video today and what winnning with video looks like. At our core, we believe any company can benefit from video. The conference will not only focus on video marketing, but will explore video strategy trends and best practices across different company departments and industries. The eleven speakers hold expert insights in a range of sectors such as finance, HR, marketing, communication, and more. As well as inspiring speaker sessions, our in-house Video Strategists will also educate and inspire attendees on ways to supercharge your company’s digital media strategy.

As always, this Video First Conference promises to shock, awe, and inspire with the same wow we brings to all of our events. And of course, after a day long extravaganza, attendees will be able to relax with a refreshing cocktail session.

Video is booming and the time is now. What are you waiting for? 🚀

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