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Proud to have a Senior Creative Strategist from Buzzfeed on stage at Video First Conference!

We all know Buzzfeed from its funny cats and dog articles, but the company is also a great source for more informative news. Did you know that Buzzfeed is also a great platform for branded content articles? This is where Ayesha Mittal's expertise comes in. On November 22nd, she'll help the Video First Conference attendees think Video First and show them some creative new ways to approach content creation.

Video First Conference will be an educational day fully dedicated to video strategy. Inspiring international speakers and video marketing pioneers will share their knowledge on boosting business growth and strengthening brand content with Video. This year, we're really happy to welcome speakers from Buzzfeed, Facebook, YouTube, Wistia, Asos.com and other international companies.

Who is Ayesha Mittal?

Ayesha is a client-facing senior creative, writer and strategist who specializes in creating engaging content that works across different types of digital media.  She’s a real 360º creative, who's not only experienced in brand content creation, but also in creative strategy, combining articles, video, and social content. She has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, including Estée Lauder, Amazon, Nestlé, Google, Netflix, and Mondelēz.


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What you'll learn from Ayesha at #VFC18:

Like most marketers, Ayesha is always trying to find creative ways to turn a product or piece of information into a compelling story. After years of experience, she's mastered the creative storytelling side of things and is ready to share the most important insights with youTo reach a brand's goal, Ayesha usually works with creative imagery and video to get the desired outcome.

Ayesha Mittal's

Marketers joining Video First Conference will undoubtedly go home with a pocket full tips and tricks to get started with video marketing. For those who already use video in their marketing and communication efforts, Buzzfeed's creative strategist will also be a source of inspiration when it comes to more effective storytelling.  

Practical information:


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