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Receiving Our First Cryptocurrency Payment of 2018!

If you know anything about us as a company, you know we love simplicity, innovation, and diving into new technologies. Everyday we come to work, we help companies communicate digitally with video. Even in the early days when skeptics weren't hip to video, we believed in Video Marketing and went full force. Now in 2018, we’re embracing cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies and encourage others to do the same. Hear us out!

Like They Say: New Year, New Things

When it comes to digital currencies, everyone is buzzing about the possibilities at hand. In 2018, we’re adapting the way we do business by officially accepting *cryptocurrency, as well as also using it as a payment method. In fact, last week we just received our first cryptocurrency payment from a Chinese/US based project. This year, instead of only reinvesting the cryptocurrency we receive, we'll start using it to pay our suppliers and partners as well and encourage them to do the same!

Why? The most important reason is that we aim to create the most simple, smooth and enjoyable experience for all of our clients in every step of the customer journey. (And an easy payment for everyone is definitely an important part of this journey.) Secondly, we found this to be a great way to optimize and improve our cash position and invoicing processes. Lastly, this technology is transforming the way business is done around the world, and we want to contribute and be part of this evolution.

So, what makes cryptocurrency so unique? It’s a technology, a currency, an investment vehicle, and a community of users all in one. The absence of a centralized third party makes it efficient, simple, fast and secure thanks to blockchain technology and cryptography.

As cryptocurrency newbies, we're fascinated by the possibility of streamlining and simplifying the buying and selling process for the better.  No third party or bank system to control things, no national boundaries or limitations, no fees or pesky charges. We believe that blockchain will change the game in the same way video did for communication—making financial exchange simpler, faster, and easier!

The next step for us is to find service providers willing to accept these currencies. Then we will really be able to have an impact on the whole circle, not only a part of it.

*Some currency clarity for you: Cryptocurrency is an online currency that can be sent and received by anyone in the world, relying on computers to control the transfer and creation of money without human intervention, which results in low costs, no government corruption, and fast transfer."


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