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5 Ways to Recruit Top Talent with Video!

The war for talent is real, and if you're not using video as part of your recruiting strategy, then you're missing out! Traditional recruitment methods need to be updated because top talent watches just as much video as the rest of us! HR Teams are turning more and more to video content these days, using its power to recruit because video is more searchable and shareable, builds better brand awareness, compels action and more.

As our HR recruiter Nathalie Dilewyns says, "When you show applicants a video, they become alive! It's so much more powerful than black letters on a white background."

1. Introduce yourself as a company and team with culture videos 

Just by adding video to your job posts, you'll see a 36% increase in applications on average! So, what kind of video looks good in a job post? One idea is the company culture video. You can leave the company jargon at the door; be authenthic and show who your team and company really is. Don't be afraid to have fun with it, either!

Distribution: Once you've created your video, it doesn't just have to live in the ad. Put that video front and center on your Careers and About Us pages , or use paid advertising on social to target the people who would it engage with it most. Did you know 79% of job seekers are likely to look up possible employers on social media? Makes sense to us!


2. A day in the life: employee spotlights, testimonials interviews 

If a potential applicant can see what a day in the life looks like at your office, they can decide for themselves if they picture themselves there or not. Employee spotlight videos or a 'day in the life' series can highlight each team, making things more authentic and fun. You can also give a window into how things run around the office or HQ with an office tour. Educational, entertaining, or a mix? You choose!

Distribution: Put your employee-centric video on your blog, hiring page, job ad, and social media.


3. Video applications & video interviewing

This is our favorite part of using video in our recruiting process! Getting in touch with talent is half the hard work. Once you start interviewing, the uses for video just keep growing! Maybe the applicant has a video they send to your HR team, or maybe your team, like ours, has decided to require a video application from each applicant. Using video applications is a perfect way to get a sense of someone's motivations ad personality.

Before and after the interview: Maybe you have a lengthy interview process or want to explain the package offer. Create an explainer video to detail the steps your candidate needs to follow or the information they need to make a decision.

  • How long the interview process takes
  • What materials they may need to bring to an in-person interview
  • When candidates should expect a follow-up
  • What the package entails: benefits, salary, etc;



4. Define your brand vision and mission clearly with video

People want to know that they're part of something with purpose and, yes, even passion! The more clear and inspiring your brand vision, the more enticing and inspiring joining your company will seem. Also, bridging the gap of expectations makes it clear what your company stands for and can reduce turnover in the long run. Getting a CEO, founder, or leadership team in front of the camera to talk about vision and mission is a powerful message to send.

5. Show your work off!

Another great idea for a job ad post is to include your company's work. Maybe it's a video showreel, a recap of the year's achievements, or a video interview with stats and figures to talk about the company's growth. Showing your work off is a great way to put your best foot first, inspiring applicants and (possible) future employees to fit into the bigger picture.



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