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The First State of Video Marketing in the Lowlands Report!

We know Video Marketing is doing big things for businesses around the globe, but what about in Belgium and the Netherlands? As a Video Strategy company with our HQ in Belgium, we were curious to discover the state of business video in our region compared to the rest of the globe. After conducting in-depth research, we're the first to uncover the state of Video Marketing in the Lowlands! Read on to learn some of what we've found about real businesses and their departments using Video Marketing!

Our report on the state of Video Marketing! 🚀

As video experts, we love uncovering the reality of video around the globe and in our backyard! So, after several months of conducting in-depth surveys and interviews with 450 professionals in Belgium and The Netherlands - CEO's, CMO's, Entrepreneurs, HR Managers, and more - we gathered valuable video insights and compared them to the international market. This helped us unveil the reasons why some businesses dive into video marketing while others sit on the sidelines. 


Our report sheds light on: Video creation, video types, distribution practices, preferred platforms, metrics, and more! 

Some of the video stats you'll learn from our research report: 

1. Video as a global marketing force 💪🏼
81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool (a sharp increase from 63% in 2017.)

2. Belgium & The Netherlands biggest video goals 🎯
85% of respondents indicated that raising brand awareness is the main goal of their video marketing.

3. Most videos are made for this popular social channel 📱
52.8% of respondents in the Lowlands choose Facebook as the most successful channel for video

With our latest research you will be able to:

    • Make smarter video investments
    • Stay ahead of the competition by knowing what other companies are doing
    • Forecast the direction of the video marketing
    • Walk away with an overview of your competitors' positioning in video marketing
    • Unlock the potential of video for your business
    • Gain a 360° view of the regional and global Video Marketing landscape

Those are just a few of the stats we want to share with you! Don't wait! Check out the full report here for a nuanced study of what the Video Marketing landscape looks like globally and in The Lowlands!


Download the state of video marketing report in the lowlands


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