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Google Partners with StoryMe!

We've got some exciting news to wrap up a year of exciting Video Strategy! StoryMe has partnered with Google to help companies transform themselves digitally with video! Many companies talk about how they're going to go digital, but they're not actually doing it. StoryMe is now the Belgian preferred Video Partner of Google and we plan on helping companies actually make the shift, starting with Video. Here's what the Google Digital Transformation Track means for businesses.

How did the partnership come to be?

Before traveling to the US to Google's HQ, our founder and CEO Lorenzo Bown was already talking with Google to see what could be possible in terms of a strong partnership. When he came back to Belgium, the idea turned into something tangible and the collaboration started with this one idea: why not marry creative and media in an effective and powerful way? Google was the perfect partner to make this idea a reality.

Companies aren't keeping up!

Here's the hard reality many companies find themselves in: today's consumer has gone digital but companies are still using traditional marketing. This means they will never reach their customer, so we are there to guide them and reach these customers. At StoryMe, we believe that digital switch needs professional guidance, with a combination of two things: Creative and Media.

What's the idea behind the Video Transformation Track?

It's simple! The idea behind the Video Transformation track is to create a 1 to 12 week track to help companies go Video First. All the strategic planning, media creation, and measuring of data needed to digitize - it's taken care of by StoryMe, Google, and our expert media buyers. The Transformation Track is for companies who want to become more effective marketers, more modern companies, and beyond. This transformation will help you marry data and media to ultimately be more effective in your business efforts. 



CMOs need to commit to Video Strategy or risk falling behind.

Companies who keep talking digital but don't actual walk the walk will lose out in a big way in 2019. They'll lose out on higher engagement, faster growth, stronger trust, and growing revenue. CMOs today are intuitively convinced about online video, but now they just need additional practical guidance to go further. The Transformation Track will give them that guidance!

How does the Video Transformation Track make things easier?

When you want to start a new marketing campaign, there’s several things you need to think about. For instance: who’s going to make my video, where do I place it, who do I need to talk to, do I have to work with multiple agencies or stakeholders? With the Video Transformation track it's simple - StoryMe is your one-stop-shop for video strategy, from creation to media placement to measurement.

Why is StoryMe a great partner for Google?

StoryMe offers everything from creation of your campaigns, to setting up YouTube or Display campaigns and measuring its impact. We're the one party you need to talk to for all your video transformation needs. And of course, Google is rich in data and expertise. Together, a powerful partnership for video strategy!


“Because we feel that today you are the experts in Online Video Strategy "

- Niels McEvoy of Google



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