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StoryMe, Official Video Partner of M20/20 Powered by Forbes!

Just one year ago, we launched our office in the great city of London! We knew when we arrived that there was no better way to get our name out there than by being part of industry leading events. That's why we joined forces with one of the most exciting events of the year: Millennial 20/20! This boutique event powered by Forbes, Accenture and CNBC is all about the future of Retail, Marketing and Commerce. It will take place on March 13th & 14th, and will host industry leaders as they present their latest experiences, knowledge, insights and innovation within their industries.



StoryMe as an M20/20 official video partner! 🎥

StoryMe & M20/20 sat together to see how we could best create an amazing event experience with video. Since M20/20 knew they needed the power of video to boost their event message and increase event registrations, we knew we could help. Our team made a video to achieve those exact goals and we're really happy with the end result! Through work and collaboration our partnership was born.

Here's the event video our team made for the event!


Keynote session by Yan Ketelers: Why does your company need a CVO? 

Video isn’t just a hot trend on its way out, but the future of online content as we know it. Over the last six years, video’s popularity and presence has skyrocketed! These days, with a staggering sea of content to consume, video is the easiest and best way to engage viewers in their fast-paced lives. If brands want to connect, hands-down, video content is the best way.

StoryMe Video Strategist Yan Ketelers will show you why each company out there needs a CVO and why it's important to become a Video First Company in 2018.

If you're at Millennial 20/20 March 13th and 14th, definitely don't miss Yan's keynote. Also, don't forget to come by and visit our booth and have a chat with us. We'd love to talk video and anything else!

Let's talk video! 


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