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StoryMe Spotlight: Video is HR's secret weapon!

Meet the two Nathalie's of StoryMe! Team HR talks Video and HR and how it works wonders for them. 💥


At StoryMe, we 💛 our HR department!

We have some of the best team members around - hands down. Our HR team plays a huge role in keeping our company culture alive and well. After all, we've managed to keep our family vibe even during our growth spurt from a 30 person start-up to a 70 person international team. As you can probably guess, with rapid growth comes the challenge of finding ways to scale budding teams in an efficient and effective way. 

Once we did some digging, we noticed HR areas like recruitment, employer branding, and employee success have remained quite traditional and offlineThis kind of shocks us! Living in such a digital and social media driven world, companies shouldn't miss the chance to use video to streamline what can be a pretty complex HR process. 

Let's dive into the ways video can help put your company in front of the right eyes, attract the best talent, and increase employee happiness.


The importance of employer branding with video

In today’s market, a distinct and fresh employer brand is super important in attracting and retaining top talent. Applicants are more likely to feel a connection to a company through video than a boring job ad. So, think of a video as a tool to showcase your company's unique brand and culture before someone even steps foot in your office. What are your core values? What do you offer prospective talent that no other company does? Package that it-factor into a video and you're halfway there. At StoryMe, we knew it was important to show applicants what it would be like to join the team, as well as what it would take to be a good team member. Video is a super human and engaging way to do just that!

💡Let your CEO, President, or Founder give their vision for the company and inspire applicants in their own words.


Take a look at Sales life within StoryMe. 

 Showpad, another Belgian based employer talks company culture at their HQ.

Why you should be using video to hunt for top talent

Did you know it takes 45 days on average to fill a vacancy? Or that job ads featuring video are viewed 12% more than postings without video? Plus, video emails are a welcomed gift for an HR recruiter's inbox full of CV PDFs.

What do these stats mean? Finding the right people takes time, energy, and money. Video increases your chances of finding the right people faster! Here at StoryMe, we use Whatsapp as a tool to screen candidates early on in the hiring process. Interested applicants send in a one minute video talking about themselves and why they're a good fit for the job. Because the videos are made on the fly, it's a perfect way to get a feel for the applicant, their motivations, skills, and their personality. These videos can also be forwarded to the hiring responsibles who aren't always available to join interviews.

💡Another added bonus of using video is that you open up your company to global talent! 

Two current StoryMe employees made the following videos. Andrea and Leander found creative and fresh ways to get our attention and show off their insane talent. (I mean, how catchy is that song?) 


Onboarding fresh hires like a pro (with video!)

Once you find the candidate of your dreams, they've signed their contract, and they've started their first day, it's time to get them up and running and acquainted with the way of working at your company. Save everyone's time and energy and cover the onboarding basics with video. It could be a simple hello video from the CEO or founder, a video explaining how to set up an email signature, request holiday time, and all the other things you can think of that need to be taught in the first few days!

  • Software, tools training
  • Email set up
  • Policies
  • Knowledge hand off 
  • Etc; 
Dunkin' Donuts uses video to welcome new employees and to talk company goals, values, and overall mission.


Use video to smooth out internal communication

Using video to hire external talent seems obvious, but don't forget about the talent you already have! Improving internal communication within your company with video is an easy win, simplifies the communication process and ensures your employees are in the know when it matters most. For instance, when HR policies change, keeping everyone on the same page is more important than ever. Stay clear and transparent to keep everyone on the same page; this could mean sending out a personalized video to employees who excel at their work, updating the team on role changes as they happen, and the list goes on.

These are just some ways to get started with video in your HR processes. Don't be scared off by the idea that videos have to be highly produced and expensive to make. As with anything video, not just video in HR, chances are much higher that people will connect with whatever it is you have to say, sell, or offer if you're authentic.

Watch our Facebook StoryMe Live event to learn more about Video in HR.


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