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StoryMe Spotlight: Video Specialists

Live video is booming at StoryMe.

Four years ago, StoryMe and our super talented team started off making (mostly) bomb animation videos. Now StoryMe has grown into a solid team of talented video creatives specializing not only in animation, but also in live video. From creating our social and internal videos at StoryMe, to event video, to testimonials, they can and do it all. They’ll even mix live and animation every once in awhile, just because they can. 😉


Meet StoryMe’s Live Video team!

The beginning: From animation to live

Expanding is a big deal for any business. It means you’re playing into current demands and taking chances. That’s exactly how the StoryMe video specialists started growing their team. They noticed the demand for live video was on the rise. As the demand started growing and companies started asking for a range of video (explainer videos, testimonials, HR/internal videos), the two-headed team realized they’d have to find even more video specialists to keep up! This is how they grew from a cosy two to ten people. Today, they work with a large range of clients in order to translate their products, ideas, and services into eye catching videos. They've helped companies such as Microsoft, Makro, BNP Paribas, iMec, Graydon, and the list keeps growing!


Big demand means even bigger growth

As the demand for live video grew, so did our team, and it's not slowing down anytime soon. Although our team has grown to 10 people, it’s really rare to actually find them all at the same place, at the same time. Whether half of the team is on location or down in the studio, they're always busy making amazing videos for clients, and sometimes for StoryMe, too. Each team member brings their own expertise to the table, while also being well-rounded in all matters of the video creation process. Video specialists here at Storyme have to think on their feet, while also keeping their crazy creative edge. They combine their talents to translate companies messages into unique video solutions like stop motion or combining both live and animation together. 


Clients on camera

Going on location often means clients will appear in front of the camera. But since not all people are naturals on camera, we asked our video specialist Andrea how they deal with video amateurs and/or camera shy clients.

‘First of all, we always try to make the collaboration easy-going and friendly and we leave a lot of room for creative input on their side. That way the client feels more at ease. We send them the questions beforehand so they can be prepared but for the rest, it’s really a walk-through process. Anyone can do it, and we make sure to guide them and make it feel more like a conversation instead of an interview.’  

Now that you’ve had the chance to meet the team behind the camera and see what they can do, they would love to meet you!


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