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Strategic Weekend 2017! 🚀

The StoryMe Team Traveled to the Netherlands! 🇳🇱

Wistia video thumbnail - Strategic Weekend Aftermovie '17

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One month ago, our crazy team of 80 people took a road trip to Zeeland, Netherlands. In keeping with our yearly tradition, we picked a big house in the middle of nature and focused on the essentials: team bonding and our company strategy and mission for the coming year. With our company growing so fast, we needed quality time away from the business bustle to reflect on all that's happened in the past year. The good, the bad and the amazing. Also, with our product and service shift to Video Strategy, we huddled up to brainstorm on how we can help businesses even better in 2018. We'd say it was the perfect time for us to realign our goals and come up with an even stronger game plan, walking the walk and thinking Video First! Of course, there were also some epic parties in between, just press play to see for yourself!  


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