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Create your 2018 Video Strategy plan in one day!

What if you could develop your 2018 Video Strategy plan in one day? Well, now's your chance!

Join us at StoryMe HQ Tuesday, December 19th from 8am - 1.30pm, as our StoryMe's Strategists educate you on Video Strategy in an exclusive and inspiring workshop. The session will guide you through video strategy theory and practicals, deep diving into what goes into a video plan, production, distribution, and much more. You'll be able to walk away from the workshop with a personal and tailored video plan in-hand, ready to implement in-house next year!


Video Marketing Topics You’ll Master During the Workshop:

1. Video Theory

  • Touchpoint examples (video in HR, Events, Sales, Marketing, Communication)
  • Video insights: recap from VFC

2. Making a Video Plan

  • Audience: Defining your audience and the channels they use
  • Channels: Metrics / ROI / KPI’s & Channel selection to reach your target audience
  • When to publish: What videos correspond to what stage of the funnelphot

3. Video Production

  • On camera etiquette
  • From vertical to square to horizontal communication
  • Creating DIY videos
  • Learn about the latest video tools

  1. 4. Distributing Your Video Successfully

  • Video on social - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Landing Pages
  • Business video hosting + analytics 


    • Video Strategy Workshop
    • Tuesday, December 19
    • 8am - 1:30pm
    • Breakfast and lunch included
    • €350 per person




Sign up for the strategy workshop here! 🚀

The workshop has a limited capacity of 8 people, so if you're intersted in a private workshop for your company, please contact our Video Strategist, Arthur so we can arrange it! 


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