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The Beginner's Guide to Event Video!

An event takes the wrangling of all your resources, energy, and your team's enthusiasm, and Video Marketing is a great way to make the most of your hard work, promote your event, and increase attendance for the next one! We've talked about using video marketing before, during, and after an event, but let's take a step back and refresh the different kinds of video you can consider for your event.

ezgif.com-video-to-gif-11                                                Our seasoned Video Specialist Ruben has tips for those of you who want to attack event filming yourselves!

What to consider for pre-event filming💡

  • Be there earlier to scout the place and set up. You might even get shots of people setting up their their booths. 
  • From a creative standpoint, it’s always good to keep in mind an intro and outro shot to use. That could be a wide shot of the building or an overview of the event with the booths. By keeping the intro and outro in mind, your video will feel more complete.
  • Always keep the event's mission in the back of your mind as you set out capture footage that fits it. 

Location introduction

Where's the entrance? Where do I park? What do I bring? You've probably asked yourself these exact same questions! To ensure everyone finds your event smoothly and knows what to expect, creating a location intro video is something your attendees will find useful since not every event does this yet. 


Expert interviews

If your external speakers prefer you don’t film their presentation, try to snag them for a quick video interview instead. Or look around for the other influentials at your event. It’s a perfect time to ask them their opinion on the event, tips and tricks, best practices and so on. Get as much extra value for your audience as you can!


Speaker previews

You've worked hard to create a solid lineup with speakers from your country or maybe you're even flying them in to attend and speak! Make use of all that knowledge and expertise and prep your attendees on your website or social channels with speaker preview videos. That could look like the video below where the speaker gives their take on the event's main topic, or it could be a video that teases the lineup and some major names.



Promotional video

This is the maybe the most common kind of event video out there! Show people what they have to look forward to with a promotional video that takes into account the event feel, branding, and with the name and date clearly included. 


Customer testimonials

Setting up a testimonial takes some work. You need to find a date that works for you and the customer, go down to their offices, set up, do the work, drive back. Rinse and repeat. Now, what if you could walk around or even set up a small video booth at your event and grab a couple of your customers for a quick 1-minute testimonial? It’s like killing 10 birds with one stone!


The presentations

Someone’s been slaving away at a high-quality presentation and slide deck for weeks! And of course, using video to make those presentations is more engaging and fun to watch ;)

Anyway, why not leverage the effort you put into those presentations by filming the whole thing and sharing it with new leads a couple of months from now? If you’re using an external speaker, make sure you have their permission to use their presentation, a lot of professional speakers like to keep their carefully crafted content under wraps.

The recap & after movie video

Go around and take in the vibe, the laughs, the learning. Capture the mood of your event and edit it into a short video that inspires people, or makes them feel happy they were there, or sad that they missed it. A great after-movie is a surefire way to engage more people to join you at your next event.

And why wait until after the event is done? Own the conversation of your event by posting short interviews, behind-the-scenes clips and atmosphere videos on social media with your special event hashtag during the day.

Tips 💡

  • Interview video: know who you have to talk to, don’t be shy!
  • What did you think of the event?
  • How did you like it?
  • What were the differences between this year and last year?
  • What did you learn from the speakers?
  • What was the most interesting speaker?


After your event is all said and done! 💡

  • 1 day of shooting usually means you'll need three days of editing.
  • As you select your footage, be sure to go over all of it! You don't want to miss a key moment.
  • Stay until the end or you’ll miss out on the connecting and networking, the moments where people are most enjoying themselves.
  • Don't have fancy equipment? No worries! It’s more about the person behind the camera that matters. Using a camera with a sound shotgun mic is useful. But don't rely on just an iPhone.


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