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The Easy Guide to Measuring Video Success!

You've spent time and money to create the best video campaign possible. Now what? The path to conversion means using video in as many touch points as possible, creating more leads and driving sales. To get the most out of your businesses video efforts, it’s important to create clear business goals around each video. Do you want to drive awareness, action, or traffic to your website? Once those goals are in place, different video metrics will reveal how well you’re achieving those goals.

Understanding the basics of KPI's is key to getting the most bang for your buck, making the most of your budget. Since not all channels are created equal, we've broken down the definitions of video success across Facebook, YouTube, and Wistia. Let's take a look!

Metrics on Facebook 📊

We all know this, but Facebook is the head honcho of social. In 2014, Facebook launched Video Metrics to better understand video content performance on their platform. Head to the Insights tab to track your video campaigns on Facebook and you’ll find a nice treasure trove of stats. 



  • Minutes viewed: Total minutes of watch time on your video.

  • Video views: A video view counts as anything after three seconds.

  • 10 second views: Facebook count the first three seconds as a view, however since people might slow down while thumbing through their feed, a 10 second view is a more accurate way to gauge if someone actually watched.

  • Video average watch time: This is the total watch time of your video, divided by the total number of video plays, including replays.
  • Audience and engagement: Clicking, sharing, reacting: Engagement is a major metric to track on Facebook because the more your  audience interacts with your post, the higher the chance your other followers will see it.

  • Video retention: Shows what percentage of the video your viewers are watching.

Push Those Posts 💸

Boosting your video or putting money behind it gives you a bit more insight into your video’s performance. Within the Power Editor Tool of Facebook Business Manager, you can view a few more video metric insights.

Here's what they mean:

  • Video % watched: The average percentage of the video that people watched.

  • CTR: Shows how many people are clicking through to your landing page or website.

  • Unique Link Clicks: The total number of people who clicked a link.

  • Impressions: This is a way to track how many times a viewer is seeing your message online. Ever heard of the rule of 7 in marketing? It’s the idea that someone needs to be exposed to your message 7 times before taking action.

Metrics on Wistia 📈

As far as video hosting goes, Wistia is a video hosting site that has all the bells and whistles you could want. Your audience’s behavior is made clear with built-in heatmaps, engagement maps, and lastly, demographic information about who’s watching and from where.

Here are video metrics that matter on Wistia:



  • Average engagement: The % of a video that a viewer’s watched.

  • Play rate: Determines if your video is embedded in the right place.

  • Total plays: Play count, plain and simple.

  • Actions: See how many people clicked your call to action, annotation link, or submitted email after viewing.

Metrics on YouTube 📈

The second largest search engine in the world, YouTube is the perfect place for uploading content for high SEO and searchability. YouTube has a treasure trove of information, showing you geographical information, gender, device type, and more useful information to gain insight from. Keep in mind, there's more to YouTube success than views and subscribers!

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 10.37.39 AM.png

Watch time metrics

    • Watch time: Views alone aren't enough to know if people are watching your video, that's why YouTube created Watch Time, to track total minutes of viewing time. 

    • Average watch time: Average minutes watched per view.

    • Audience retention: This is a good way to see when people start clicking out of your video.  It's best to avoid any sharp drop offs, with numbers falling below 50%
      • Engagement metrics
        Self-explanatory, no? ;)

        -Comments: Good engagement indication! Someone has taken the time out of their day to interact and leave a comment.

        -Shares: This form of social engagement is even better than a passive like, because it means the viewer liked your video enough to endorse your content.

        -Subscribers: According to YouTube, "people who subscribe to channels — to any YouTube channel — are more engaged: they seek out content, comment on and share videos, and contribute to channel communities." To gain more subscribers, it's important to be consistent in the content you post as well as reminding people to hit that subscribe button.

We hope that helps you to better understand what success looks like on different platforms like Facebook, Wistia, and YouTube mean. 
In a nutshell, to achieve these goals, remember to consider these metrics similar to the following:

Brand Awareness → Sharing, likes, comments

Driving Traffic to Website →  CTR's

Increasing Sales & Generating Leads →  Engagement rate

Want tailored help to help understand your video's performance on social or other channels?

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