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Webinar Recap: Personalized Video

Did you miss our Personalized Video webinar last week? Our Video Strategist Jordan and StoryTeq Rogier Ros guest unmasked personalized video for business: the why, the how, and great cases to wrap your head around this booming video technology. Here's a small recap with special insights into the super interesting hour-long session

Why personalized video?

Video is filling up our newsfeeds. The challenge? How do you stand out in this competitive attention economy where people watch what they want, when they want, and how they want? The answer is personalized video! More sophisticated software and video technologies are making personalized video more accessible to companies. Technology is evolving with a lower cost to them, and the truth is, there aren't excuses to not try it anymore! Here are the staggering benefits of personalized video today:

Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 10.24.04 AM

The power of personalized video 

Keeping in mind where people are in the funnel as they interact with your brand, the wealth of data from companies like Google and Facebook makes this tailoring possible and what makes the difference. The relevancy of PV is more obvious today than ever because as people ignore intrusive content, they're seeking out content that's matters most to them. Depending on your company's budget, PV can mean crafting an email for one contact, but it can also mean higher level agency campaigns. Creative possibilities for PV o are honestly mindblowing and the possibilities are endless. In the webinar, Jordan and Rogier cover great cases.

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3 personalized video campaign tips

People are expecting relevant content and we have the data and ability to give it to them!

1. Buy & target better to be more relevant
Don't think of your budget as static! During the campaign, you can shift the budget to the channels that deliver the best. When it comes to targeting, thinking of including people more! Dynamic video lets you adjust your message to be more relevant to a broader target audience.

2. Produce smarter content #Smartproduction
TV creative concepts don't always translate to online channels. It's important to work with agencies who understand the dynamic media approach.

3. Use data to better optimize your campaigns
To make your budget spend go further, use variables to better target your videos. Weather, location, age, etc are all useful factors to consider incorporating into your creative.

Watch the full webinar after the click:

Watch the webinar!


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