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6 Ways to Use the Power of Video for Onboarding

If you've been doing things right from the start, your HR team has recruited your top talent with video in your job ads, during the application process, or during the actual interview! So, assuming everything went well and you now have a new team member ready to join you, it's time to talk about what's next: onboarding with video! Successful onboarding means new hires will get a sense for your company culture, processes, policies, and way of working!  

Here are 6 ways to onboard your new team members with video

1. First things first: give your new team member a warm welcome 👋🏼

The great thing about a welcome video is that before your new employee walks in the door, they'll feel welcomed! Whether it's leadership within the company reaching out with a general message, or the whole team shouting a 'hi!' on camera, your new hire will feel the love. A welcome video can also help explain what the person can expect on their first day (what time to join, what to bring, etc;) saving time and relieving any uncertainties or stress. 


2. Have your new hire introduce themselves to your team

A big part of integrating into a team means putting yourself out there! If you're a company with hundreds of employees scattered over dozens of offices, it can be hard to keep track of all the new talent coming in. An idea is to try setting up a channel dedicated to intro videos for newbies on a work chat platform like Workplace or Wistia. At StoryMe, we ask new hires to make a hello video to present to our team during our Monday morning meetings. Below is an example of Jordan's intro video she made for our team.


3. Have more successful knowledge hand-offs

Is your new hire replacing someone else who's leaving or already left? We're sure the employee leaving has a treasure trove of information to relay. Don't worry, this is a great opportunity to reduce the cost of knowledge loss from person to person and use video! A video can always be referenced again when the person isn't there to show  them the ropes.💡Soapbox is a great tool to do this!

4. Train people and save time and money!

Training could involve learning how to use a software or tool relevant to your job, or skills needed to work efficiently. Instead of holding time consuming sessions for each new batch of hires, use video courses! They're cost-effective and help save time compared to a traditional session.



5. Turn your company handbook into a video library of information

Payroll, perks, sick-days, working remotely, the list of policies can go on and on! Instead of trusting that everyone will read your policies (probably buried in a Google drive doc somewhere), create a library of videos detailing the ins-and-outs of company rules. Not only will your employees be more likely to watch, but they'll also be more likely to retain the info - a win, win if you ask us!

6. Turn the boring office basics into video!

The day to day inner-workings of an office are specific to each company!  For instance, where to find office supplies, a building tour, how to work the photocopy machine, remember that elevator code, and more. Making videos to explain office basics is a great way to avoid info overload at the end of all the other details you've explained.


Just a reminder! Onboarding new hires with video, when done well, has many benefits:

  • New and existing employees can get up to speed on their growing team
  • New hires get a chance to successfully integrate into the team
  • Video training is cost-effective and saves time
  • Video helps keep messaging consistent within your company
  • HR teams can prevent getting asked repetitive questions


Want to see how on-boarding can be made as seamless as possible?

Let's talk HR & Video! 


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