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The Rise of Stories Ads for Businesses!

Our favorite ephemeral content isn't going anywhere anytime soon! Even other companies like Whatsapp, Skype, and YouTube are taking a stab at Stories on their platform. But what about the success of ads within Stories? We read the latest report by makemereach.com that dives into Stories stats full force. Here's a small summary of that report!

How Stories took social by storm 🌪

Stories might've been pioneered by Snapchat in 2011, but they're undoubtedly the fastest growing media format, ever! Have you considered the impact ads on Stories can have on your business? We know that communities can be built and lots of profit can be made, but how do you drive purchase and loyalty? 

No surprise, but the biggest stories networks are Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.

According to makemereach.com, "around 31 percent of Instagram users post a Story every month, according to a recent survey from RBC Capital, up from 21 percent from last year. And 47 percent of users watch them at least weekly, up from 32 percent a year ago."

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 16.45.09

Image courtesy of makemereach.com

Insta power for businesses ⚡️

According to the report, one-third of the most-viewed stories on Instagram come from businesses. That's huge! Organically posting to your business account is smart, but don't forget to add that boost to really see results. At the moment, there are two different kinds of ads to choose from that can be targeted by reach, video views, traffic, conversions, app installs and more brand awareness, making them useful for performance and branding campaigns.

Instagram Stories Ads

Okay, so we all know what an organic story looks like, but what about ads within the platform? They're actually very similar looking 15-second clips that can be used both for performance and branding campaigns. Advertising can be made up of photos or video, 

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 11.09.29

An example of Disney Insta Stories Ads

Carousel ads 

Carousel ads are made up of three consecutive pieces of media, whether it's photo or video. According to makemereach.com, the results they saw within a campaign of carousel ads was super impressive! There was a 2x higher swipe-up rate and a 42% cheaper cost per swipe up. 

Other features on Insta ads include Shopping Tags which reduces the digital friction to purchase a product.

Stories Ads on Facebook

Facebook is trying its luck in the Stories realm, but that's no surprise since they own Instagram. Although Facebook only has 150 million users, compared to Instagram's 300, the numbers indicate the social media tycoon's eventual catch-up. The ability to cross-post from Instagram to Facebook will speed that up, too! The biggest difference between the two? You can post from desktop to Facebook Stories, something Instagram doesn't allow yet. On Facebook Stories Ads, you can choose from 5-15 second skippable video ads.

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 17.06.07

3 Insta Ad & Facebook Tips

1. Main message

Time is of the essence, especially on Stories ads! Be sure to show the most important part the first 3 seconds of your ad. Do what you can to keep them from swiping away! 

2. Simple concept

Use a simple concept and clear branding so you avoid overwhelming or confusing your viewer.

3. Think differently

The biggest difference in format from feed video to Stories video is that it's vertical 16:9 format. Also,  Stories by nature are shorter, which means you need to cut to the chase. There's something that also feels more informal about Stories, so don't be afraid to play with more personal concepts like selfie-shot concepts.



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