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The State of Video Marketing in Belgium and the Netherlands!

It's easy to find heaps of global stats on the state of Video Marketing, but what about The Lowlands? Blanket stats about the relevance of video on a global level are everywhere, but as a Belgian-based company, we wanted to see how our own country and our neighbor are really using Video Marketing. We answered that question in our most recent research. The numbers paint a clear picture of how companies are using video today. Let's dive into these stats and figures to get a better view of the current state of video and the future as well!

Key Takeaways from Our Report


Professionals using video - who are they?

To get the most accurate picture of the state of video, we surveyed a wide range of professionals, even people whom you wouldn't expect to use video marketing! That meant conducting in-depth surveys and interviews with 450 professionals in Belgium and The Netherlands - CEO's, CMO's, Entrepreneurs, HR Managers, and more. They responded to questions about the effectiveness of video marketing (expectation vs. reality) in their businesses.

What do companies expect from video?

When it comes to what companies expect from their video, the numbers are revealing! Coming in at number one is brand awareness at 85%. Generating leads, boosting online engagement, and other goals don't fall far behind. The good news is video is used to nurture all stages of the customer funnel and isn't seen as just an awareness tool anymore. As video marketing continues to prove its efficacy, more and more departments are open to the idea of using it to reach their wide-ranging goals. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 2.27.42 PM

Which departments get the most mileage out of video?

No, Video Marketing isn't just for Marketing departments! Our respondent's answers prove that more and more departments are using video to see results company-wide. For instance, Marketing departments are using video the most with 92%, followed by Communications, and Sales. We find it interesting that more sales teams are using video! The convincing power of video is well-known and this explains the increase we see.

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 7.52.07 AM

Video types now and in the future!

The types of videos companies are using is increasing by the year. We see that 79.5% use social videos today in their content efforts. This just reaffirms what we've known about social video all along, it's not going anywhere anytime soon! The two other popular video types in Belgium and the Netherlands are product videos with 64,8% and explainer videos with 56,8%. As for the video types companies plan to use more of in the coming years? 45,7% of respondents indicated that they plan to use 360° video type in the future, and 54,3% of respondents indicate they plan to use interactive video in the future.

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 7.44.52 PM

What social platforms come out on top and why?

When it comes to social, there are only a few platforms that are worth every penny. The professionals surveyed for this report said they use Facebook (92%), YouTube (87.6%) and websites at (85.3%). It's interesting to point out that the respondents believe the largest ROI comes from Facebook with (52%) and YouTube with 26%!

Video metrics and ROI

When it comes to measuring video success, most companies in The Lowlands find views to be the most popular metric among respondents with 70,3% of businesses saying they focus on this metric when measuring ROI. Clicks come second with 54,3%. Engagement comes in with 47,4% indicating the use of this metric. An interesting finding is that 13,1% of respondents do not use metrics at all. Just looking at views can be misleading! We think of views as a vanity metric because it doesn't tell the full story about the performance of the video.

  • Views (70.3%)
  • Clicks (54.3%)
  • Engagement (47.4%)
  • None (13.1%)


Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 5.29.16 PM

Video creation - to go internal or external?

When it comes to who's making videos in Belgium and The Netherlands, more and more companies look to use their resources combined with that of external video agencies (44.8%). Only 35.6% make video with the resources they have in-house. Video agencies are definitely not obsolete and the demand to stay up with new technologies increases will only increase.

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 11.50.26 AM

For the companies still hesitant to dive into video

We get it. Video can be intimidating to start with if your company has never done it before. From our research we see the biggest reasons people report holding back with video include a lack of video knowledge, not enough budget, and not knowing where to start. Luckily, more and more companies in our region are waking up to the powerful effects of video in every corner of their company. We see they're looking for ways to optimize their video strategy. At StoryMe, we love helping companies get started no matter their familiarity with video. From production to strategy, we're always here to help.



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