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The Top 8 Video Marketing Mistakes Companies Make!

Maybe you're left scratching your head after not seeing the results you were hoping for from your last video campaign. Don't worry, Video Marketing mistakes can happen to even the best-intentioned companies, large and small. It's a good sign your business is thinking of video, so before you start (again), we want to walk you through the most common video pitfalls companies experience and how to stay out of their way for your next video campaign!

1. You think TV ads and digital ads are the same

TV advertisements use a traditional approach to a story arc: beginning, middle, and end. This strict kind of storytelling is typical of a TV commercial, but in today's digital ad environment, storytelling has changed. Today, it's all about creating stories that can evolve and continue on; a flexible narrative not set in stone means being receptive to your target audience and thinking in episodes.

Lesson: Creating video ads with TV sensibility will feel dated, and ineffective, so avoid that at all costs.

2. You make your branding a visual afterthought

Your brand identity should shine through whether you go for an animated or live video. The goal is for someone to associate the video with your brand after watching it. So, whether it's your brand color theme, logo, or tone of voice, make sure the creative process takes your styling into account consistently enough without going into branding overkill.

3. Don't overwhelm your viewers!

If you can repeat this mantra over and over, you'll be just fine: one video means one main message. It's hard enough these days to captivate with one message online. As you lay out what you want viewers to walk away with, choose one main message to drive action, inform, or whatever else your goal might be. Have more than one message? Create separate videos to communicate them!

Hint: check your drop-off rates to see where and if you're losing your audience.

4. Lack of direction means a messy video

Once you've decided to make a video, its time for your team to get excited. Sure, you want your video to look slick and resonate with your audience, but be careful: if you don't set out with a direction in mind, your video could fall very flat. By direction, we mean defining video goals, and in order to determine what your goals are, you need a good Video Strategy in place. 

Video strategy is that compass, it's your north star. Video Strategy is thinking about whom you're making your video for, what message they need to walk away with, and where the videos will go.

5. Making it all about you, you, you

It's your brand you're making a video for, after all, so we get that it's tempting to make this production all about you. That's another big mistake companies tend to make! Take a step back and see how can you add value to your viewers. What problem do they have? What solution do you have to offer them? When you put yourself second, you're more likely to create more engaging, useful and interesting content for your viewer.

6. Not learning from the numbers

Once you put your video out into the world, do you just let it run its course and hope for the best? Video metrics these days are quite advanced so use them so to steer your next production. What's the average watch time on your video? May it was just a bit too long. Where do viewers drop off? Was there not enough action taken? Then maybe you need a stronger CTA. By analyzing these numbers, you can attack your next video and optimize what didn't go so well the first time.

7. You're missing a clear call-to-action

What might seem like an obvious next step to you isn't always so obvious for your audience. Do you want people to sign up for your event? Buy tickets to a concert? Head to your blog? Let them know in a clear and strong CTA at the end of your video. After all, if you don't ask, you won't receive!

8. Not integrating video with your marketing automation or CRM

Did you know that when you integrate with certain video hosting sites like Vidyard and Hubspot, you can better identify leads? If your video content is gated, once someone inputs their email info, the automation system will then work to lead score your prospect based on his or her viewing behavior. This will give you insights into what they watched and for how long, how much they visit the website, and more. When the time is right, someone from sales can pick up the phone and engage with your hot prospect! Super cool!


Want to make sure you don't fall victim to these common mistakes? 

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