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The World’s First Video Strategy Bot! 🤖

The video universe is expanding far and wide! After many months, we’re excited to announce the first ever intergalactic Video Strategy Bot! 🤖 Video is everywhere, but now you can stand out in a sea of content with a results-driven video strategy plan. We have just the tool to help you do that. Our Video Strategy Bot is a fuss-free digital tool that anyone can use to build their Video Strategy from scratch. 💥

We’re all about sharing the Video Strategy love far and wide. Of all the video knowledge we’ve built up over the past four years, we’re always finding new ways to preach the power and ease of video, that video is for everyone, for every business, and for every goal! We know that finding the right direction in Video Strategy can be tough, so we wanted to make things easier, proving that Video Strategy can easily boost your business content plan.

Have a minute? 

The StoryMe Video Strategy Bot calculates your Video Strategy plan in just a few clicks! Any company in any industry can use video. By using our Bot, we’re empowering companies to tackle their business challenges with video, fast-tracking them to videos that actually achieve their goals.

Our Video Strategy Bot optimizes every time you use it, learning from the results given on the result page. Based on your clicking behavior, it finds better examples each time. The Video Strategy Bot is great because it's also channel-specific, breaking down the types of video (testimonial, video article, snack animation, etc;) you need for different platforms like email, social, website, etc;

All you need to know is the following. Leave the rest up to us! 🚀

- The department you work in

- The goals you need to reach

- Which audiences you’re targeting

- How many people you want to reach

Get to building your Video Strategy!

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